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Like most people, I aim to be more positive in life, but like most people, I have days were I'm the most negative person in the world, a proper negative Nancy. We all have our ups and downs but in life, it is best to remain positive and happy. There is no point in my telling you 'THIS IS HOW TO BE POSITIVE AND HAPPY' because lets face it, everyone finds different things help, however I thought I would compile a list of things I find help me think and act more positive which could influence others.

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I just love my bed. Some days I sleep in until 2pm if I've been on night shift, or I've been to addicted to a TV series (personal favourite at the moment is Stranger Things, just sayin') or if I've been naughty the night before and woke up with mysterious wine flu that totally wasn't due to the many wines I had the night before (ahem...). Although, days where I wake up early, like 8am, I find having the whole day to do things makes me feel happier and I end up in a better mood throughout the day. That doesn't mean to say I physically leave my bed, as I write this, I've been awake since 8:15am but I've been lying in my bed until 1:30pm organising my university work and blog posts. I'm just such a lazy arse at times! But I feel better being awake early. It means you can plan your day without feeling rushed or forgetting any important errands you need to run that day.

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For those with partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances or a loved one (could be a best friend, family member or even a pet!), if you love them, tell them! Everyone loves to be told they are loved by someone and generally, if you say you love someone, they'll often say it back. Telling you loved ones you love them creates a feeling of comfort and relaxes the body, creating a more positive, happy vibe. I never go a day without telling my boyfriend I'm in love him, and as much as he irritates and rattles me at times with his humming (stinking) farts or his crude sense of humour, it makes me feel more positive and happy to let him know I love him. 

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Having a hobby is way of 'de-stressing', especially if you work long hours and have quite a stressful temperament. Personally, I get stressed quite a lot and easily but usually I let little things that stress me build up and I then explode. I'm not just talking maybes like a little cry and a grunt, I have big whooper episodes where I hate everything, I get so stressed I don't want to do anything or associate with anyone or anything. Normally, this only lasts a few hours, but when I was studying at university for my degree, I would have days like this where stress would be the bane of my life, and was slowly creeping up on me and then days of stress would pass and I would implode.
 I found having a hobby, such as my blog, really relaxes me and makes me feel more positive about them stressful things as I could reflect on how to overcome these things in a more positive way rather than having major stressy episodes. I use my blog writing as a way of winding down and being away from anything stressful. I used to run a fashion blog and I found this really eased my anxiety and stress levels during university and other challenging times. Everything I wrote, it was positive and it really helped me feel much more positive. I also enjoy hobbies such as baking and other little jobs such as candle making (not that I've done that for a while...) which I find makes me feel more positive about life.

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Yes, that dreaded word that people like me who enjoy a king sized greasy fry up and a late night large maccy dee's (McDonalds) wince at the thought of. HOWEVER, despite not being the biggest exercise fan, I always feel so refreshed and more positive that I'm helping my body. Exercise not only helps with your body confidence, it's proven to help boost people's mental well being and can reduce anxiety and depression. Usually, a heavy gym session is often followed by a nice hot bubble bath which I also find sooo relaxing.

                                    (Source: Photography by Samantha Jade Nye) 

Why not do something new every once in a while, mix life up. Having the confidence in doing new things can really boost your mood. Recently, I have found art and craft things really sooth me and make me feel happy I've accomplished something that other enjoy. I just to dab here and there with card making when I was younger but as I got older I thought it wasn't 'as cool' as just going and buying a card from a shop. Recently, I've been using arts and crafts to try new and exciting things such as candle making, scrap books, upcylcing (is that a word yet? Upcycle? Upcycling? Meh!), gift hamper making (this one above me and rob made for his cousin when he got engaged!) and I've even dabbled in making a nappy cake for my Auntie's baby shower. Although it wasn't the neatest thing, I enjoyed making it and was so happy she loved it. 

                                               (Source: Instagram @thatgerodiegirlsblog)
"Your attitude is like a box of crayons that colour your world. Constantly colour your picture grey, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colours to the picture by including humour, and your picture begins to lighten up". 
(Allen Klein)

I hope you all have a fabulous day me lovelies.

Love, Sam 


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