Happy new blog day!

Photo source: instagram (thatgeordiegirlsblog)

Alreet m'lovelies!
(Hi everyone!)

Formally known as 'fashionismywarpaint' and 'fashionwarpaint' on social media, I found that as I'm getting older and becoming a 'real' adult I was getting new, more interesting loves in life such as travelling and cooking. Although I loved my old blog name and content it wasn't really me as I've grown to learn new things, I will always love fashion and will keep the fashion content, I wish to expand my content to reach a bigger, more matured audience as well as my previous audience too. 

'thatgeordiegirlsblog' doesn't really have an exciting story behind the name other than I'm from North East England and love where I come from. I've also changed my Instagram to 'thatgeordiegirlsblog' and my Twitter to 'geordiegirlblog' if you care to have a sneaky peak, or maybes a cheeky follow I'd be so happy! 

I am going to aim to try and post content at least once a week (most likely a weekend) to keep everything updated with fun and exciting content such as fashion,beauty, cooking and plenty more lifestyle interests. Any suggestions of posts will be most appreciated in the comments box below.

In other news...

I'm aiming to go live with my domain by the end of this year once I'm in the swing of blogging properly and might start my YouTube channel hopefully the beginning of 2017! Exciting times!

Thank you for reading and I hope you all had a propa canny (great) day!

Love, Sam x.


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