Alreet pettles! 

Okay, so, this post is going to be a lil' wacky and weird, but who doesn't love some wacky and weird? Recently, me and my boyfriend went to the Cheese Loft Cafe in Northumberland (England) and if your a fellow cheese lover, this is like all your Christmas's rolled into one. Trust me.


Despite only going in for a cuppa (cup of English breakfast tea) and a mooch (a look around) we ended up with a fair few goodies to try out. We also purchased a raspberry and prosecco jam (I know, how yum?) and lemon curd (an all time favourite) to try with homemade scones which unfortunately we made and demolished before it even came to my attention to do a blog post. (But, they were so good!) 

One of mine and Rob's favourite things to do is try different cheese and the weirder and stronger, the better in our opinion. This little quaint coffee shop is based on top of a little dairy farm right beneath and all products produced are locally source or made on the premises. Perfect if your out for a stroll in Northumberland and fancy a quick cuppa and a little bite to eat. Oh, and the make bespoke CHEESE wedding cakes. Yup, quite possibly the best thing ever to have as a alternative wedding cake. 

So, what to do when you have tuns of cheese and crackers? Make a cheese board of course!

(Left to right: Kielder, Brinkburn, Nettle and Blagdon blue)

How to create the perfect cheese board

A selection of cheese to try (the more combined (firmed, aged, cream, crumbly, blue) the better)! 

Crackers or/and flat bread (we chose Jacob's black peppered thins)

A fruit to palette cleanse (we chose tomatoes but grapes are another great choice)



...& wine! 

Can I just add, that all photography was taken by my amazing boyfriend, Rob, and I would like to thank him for kindly helping me with this post (and helping me finish this cheese board after)! I hope you all enjoyed this post and please comment your favourite cheese in the comments below. 

Have a canny mint day, whatever ya'll are up to!

Love, Samantha x.

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