SPAIN 2016


Hiya Hinnies!

Travelling is something I've always been anxious of and until this year, I've never really enjoyed the idea of holidays or going away anywhere to far from home that I can't just nip back and get what I've forgotten. I don't really know why this became a fear, like, I was always scared of leave something important at home or that I'd get lost or I'd get kidnapped (yep, this really crossed my mind in strange cities). All really irrational fears that will either never happen or can be solved so simply by popping to the local shops, or just following a map or not being stupid and realising people don't want to kidnap me (even if I did get kidnapped I can guarantee they'd be so fed up of me after an hour of complaining I was hungry or just rambling on in general)...

This year, it's the first time I've been away on holiday several times and not felt so overall anxious that it's ruined the travelling aspect of the holiday. Yeah, I still get anxious taking off on a plane and a little when landing and when there's turbulence it isn't my favourite experience I'm not gunna lie. I also get major MAJOR packing anxiety, I wasn't so bad on my second holiday this year but I was a absolute monster the first time. A year ago, I went to Tenerife with my university pals, when my little brother who was 14 at the time was helping me pack my suitcase and I had a mini break down, began hoying (throwing) everything out my suitcase all over the floor and started crying and he was so awkward he didn't know what to do. Bless him.

This year, I actually really enjoyed the flights, the travelling to our apartment and then travelling around to different towns and tourist places, which if you told me this time last year I'd be doing, I'd have just laughed and told you, you were talking bollocks (rubbish). Perhaps maybes it's because we stayed in the same area twice and got to know the locals, perhaps it was because I was with my boyfriend who is the calmest, most laid back person ever to travel with, who knows? 

We are so lucky to be able to stop in an apartment owned by my boyfriend, Rob's, parents in a town not to far away from Murcia airport which is ideal to go visit other local towns such as Alicante and Murica. One of my favourite places however we visited was the Castillo De Santa Barbara in Alicante as the views were insane. Here are just a few shots taken on my iPhone 6 (I still don't have my blogging and vlogging camera sorted yet, bare with please!) from the top peaks of the Castle:

Although this castle was my favourite place to visit, there were so many places that were so beautiful in Spain that I can safely say, I will be returning to each and everyone of them at some point in the future. Another place that was quite incredible was the 'mud place' or Lo Pagan mud baths in Mar Menor. Literally, you take a swimming suit, a bucket or some sort of container, go into this smelly, dirty coloured lake, and scoop this mud, that when you stand in it, feels like your knee deep in poo and rub this sulphur, smelling poo like substance all over your body. Not word of a lie, I mean all over your body, face and all and it is vile. However, all though this was the worst experience, my skin was the softest its ever been since I fell out my Mam's womb I reckon. You leave this mud to bake on your skin then wash it off in the lake and it supposedly cures or helps skin conditions and infected joints etc. I suffer acne and my skin was clear the following day so it must have some sort of healing properties. Who knows but it was worth smelling of poo. Oh, and there's a cute (I use the word cute loosely here) little old man, that you pay money to rub this mud all over. I mean ALL over, boobs and all. A job most blokes would love aye?

So, to end this rather long blog post, I would just like to add that for anyone who has never visited Spain, there is amazing sites and shops in Alicante and in Torrevieja worth travelling to. I'll be doing future blog posts on other cities closer to where we stopped when we visit again and I have a better camera. I may even do a few vlogs. Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment on places you have visited in Spain that you would suggest to others. 

I hope you all have a canny belta (good) day! 

Love, Sam x.


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