As the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) gets super intense as we reach the quarter finals this Wednesday, I've been so inspired to learn how to bake more as I am sure many of you have been too. One thing I've always wished I could bake and struggled with is pastry. Soggy bottoms, crumbly edges and burnt bits were always my fear, however with a helping hand from Mary Berry and Rob's Mam, Julia, I managed to rustle up a pastry base ready for a filling of anyone's choice. For a step by step method to make your very own easy peasy pastry, keep reading! 



1 large egg (beaten)

224g of plain flour (plus additional for dusting your board and rolling pin)

175g of unsalted butter at room temperate

45g of icing sugar


Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to Gas 4/180C/350F

Step 2: Measure and add flour and butter into a large bowl

Step 3: Then, whisk by hand, using a food processor or free stand whisker until the mixture resembles bread crumbs 

Step 4: Add icing sugar and egg into the bread crumb mixture, carefully! You don't want a cloud of icing sugar. Begin to further mix

Step 5: You may at this stage want to add up to one tablespoon of water to your mixture if too dry, however this is entirely up to you!

Step 6: If so, mix again!

Step 7: Combine mixture into a ball and place into cling film. Then, place in the fridge for 15 - 30 minutes

Step 8: Flour your board and rolling pin, not too much, just a slight dusting

Step 9: Remove the pastry mix from the fridge and cling film and place on your board

Step 10: Roll your mix to a 3-4mm (half a sterling pound coin) thickness and then once your happy with your thickness, butter your tin (preferably a loose bottom one)

Step 11: Use your rolling pin to lift your pastry mix from the board into you tin without stretching your pastry and shape the edges to your tin and remove any excess 

Step 12: Using baking parchment and baking beans you need to place on top of your pastry (carefully) without affecting the shape of your pastry base and your going to blind bake! (Yep, that posh term from GBBO that the majority of the British public don't have a clue means)

Step 13: To blind bake to avoid a soggy bottom, place the pastry with the parchment and beans into your preheated oven for 15 minutes. Remove the parchment and beans after 15 minutes and bake for a further 5 minutes

Step 14: Remove from oven if golden brown and allow to cool to room temperature and there you have it! A pastry base for you to fill with your desired filling. Perhaps some chocolate, pumpkin mix or fruit and cream? The possibilities are endless! 

I hope you all found this post a helping hand in baking and enjoy your pastry delight! If you have any other pastry recipes link me up in the comments box below and I hope you've had a fan-bloody-tastic day! 

Happy baking!

Love, Sam ♥


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