Gooood morning me lovies!

Recently, me and my other half went adventuring to Edinburgh which is sort of turning into an annual tradition for us as we've been visiting every year since we first starting going out (cue the 'awhhh's'). Unfortunately, the one time we go with a photography camera is when the weather can't decide whether it wants to snow/sleet, be beaming sunshine or absolutely tank it down (this means a lot of rain to us Northerners and I mean an awful lot of it).

Although we got a few decent shots, I couldn't really get the ideas I had in mind such as outfit and more scenery shots but I didn't want to just not post the ones we did have, so I thought I'd share these few I got with you guys!

For anyone who has never been to Edinburgh, it is one of my favourite places to visit in Scotland as there is so much to offer from shopping (my fave), places to dine (also my fave), tourist attractions, kids attractions, bars (again, also my fave) and other traveling aspirations such as walking and cycling. I just love how there is so much to do in one city and you could quite easily spend all weekend with days full of activities and still be pining to return and do more.

This time we visited Mary King Close which is insane for anyone interested in local history and learning about the underground city of Edinburgh. We also visited an indoor Christmas market which was so full of hidden treasures from knitted hats to lovely art pieces (turning into a right adult ain't I ?!) and old editions of famous books. Not to everyone's cup of tea but I personally love things like that. Also, every time we visit Edinburgh, I have to visit my favourite shop called Miss Katie Cupcake which sells the sweetest little nick-nacky gifts and keepsakes. In between shops we like to visit The Inn on the Mile for a few drinks and sometimes a bite to eat. I have to admit, it was a proper lush adventure and I shall be back soon. 

I hope you all have a canny week and a canny read.


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