Previous to this holiday, from September 2011 until July 2016 was the most stressful period of me life and for a short time after, whilst waiting for me results, the stress continued and ended only 2 weeks ago. Anyone studying for a degree can relate to the anxiety and insanity experienced whilst enduring gruelling hours of studying, months of poverty and years of constant worries of failure combined with the joys of passing. Not only was this me life for 5 years straight, as I was studying for a Nursing degree, we attended a health care placement 37.5 hours of the week and alike some of us, I had to have one or two part time jobs to keep me life in order. Safe to say, I was a reet miserable so and so for the majority of me studying days.

I want to celebrate me achievements with a positive blog post as the last 5 years haven't always been so positive after enduring other challenging life events from break ups and arguments with friends, health issues and other situations you wouldn't bare to take part in ever again. This trip to Spain was the first time I could let my hair down and safely say, I had done everything within me realm to achieve what I have achieved and I am bloody well chuffed to say I have a second class honors degree (I know, who knew I could actually be intelligent for once, eh?). As always, it is best to turn the negatives to positives and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next chapter in me life and I look forward to having the spare time to put more effort into me little ol' blog!


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