January updates; what have I learnt from 2017 so far?

This year I promised myself I would change about a billion and one things to make my life better. Things like, starting a new diet (semi happened, I still have naughty food days more often than I probably should), adapting a new fashion style (still loving my new short blonde hair do!), fostering a new attitude towards life (work hard, play harder, that ol' saying), you know, the usual 'new year, new me' crap we all say. 

For me, the thing I've appreciated most this year following some horrible events towards to back end of 2016, is having a good support network of family, friends, work colleagues and I have made some amazing new blogger friends over the last few months who have really inspired me to work harder and enjoy life more. 

After being faced with some, lets just say, awful people last year, I am so thrilled to say I am not bothered by horrible people and that this year, I have really learnt not to let negativity annoy me. I am so glad that I have this new sense of self worth and I most certainly not letting d*ckheads bully me and get me down! 

Lil' negative rant over...

This month has been a real life changer already as I've properly settled in to my job, moved to Northumberland for reals now, began searching for our own house and I've been *cough**cough* 'patiently' waiting for my new little car to be finished and arrive. In addition to all this excitement, I've been discussing some amazing collabs with some canny little upcoming brands. So you could say 2017 has really started with a bang. I am so excited for everything we have planned for this year, so many new opportunities and experiences to have and share with my most loved ones. 

Oh, and if your not aware from my twitter, since I've banged on about it quite a bit lately, me and Rob are going to see a little famous singer called Ed Sheeran (YAAS). Alongside this amazing event, we hopefully should be exploring Holland and Ireland this year and possibly Spain again. Maybes the Lake District, we ain't decided quite yet. Oh, and probably Edinburgh for the billionth time. 

So, January has been a wee exciting month to start, hopefully, what is an amazing year. I hope your all having a fab start to 2017 and I look forward to seeing what you all are up to in February. 


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