brownies...WITH MAYO?!

Yup, just as the title of this blog post states, I made brownies with mayonnaise. Weight watchers participants will be familiar with these little goodies as they are the diet group's take on a 'healthy' brownie. I remember my Mam making these when she used to be on the weight watchers diet and they tasted AMAZING! However, I like my treats to be super sweet, so I've adapted my own take on their little ol' recipe  Now, although there is no butter used in this recipe which makes it semi healthy, there is a hella lot of sugar and chocolate. As the mayo is used as a substitute for the butter, it is good for a low fat option of a naughty snack. 

Happy reading, baking and eating - Love Sam


{This recipe makes roughly 10-12 brownie slices}

You will need...

140g plain milk or dark chocolate of your choice (I used Galaxy)
Share bag white chocolate buttons (I used milky bar)
8 tbsp mayonaise (I used aldi's own brand in the light option)
2 tsp vanilla essence 
225g white sugar
3 free range eggs
1 tsp baking powder 
25g cocoa powder
40g plain flour 


Line some baking trays with lining paper OR with butter. Pre-heat the oven to 160C/320F/gas mark 3

Sift the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder into a large bowl, set to one side

Put the plain chocolate into another large heat proof bowl. Place over a sauce pan of boiled water and leave to melt, stirring occasionally to avoid burning. Ensure the boiling water is not touching the bottom of the bowl as this can burn the chocolate. Add 1 tsp of vanilla essence just as the chocolate is almost melted and a handful of the white chocolate buttons. Place to one side once melted.

In a separate large bowl, add eggs, sugar and remaining vanilla essence. 

Whisk until all ingredients are sufficiently whisked.

Add the mayonnaise to the whisked mixture and further whisk. Add the flour and cocoa mixture and whisk again. 

Add the melted chocolate to the the eggs and mayo mixture. Whisk thoroughly. Add remaining white chocolate buttons to mixture and mix. 

Evenly pour your mixture into your baking trays and place into your pre-heated oven for 30-35 minutes or until a skewer in the centre appears clean. Leave to cool before removing from tins and cutting into squares. 


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