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Hiya darlings! 

I am a real sucker for looking at other peoples home decor style for inspiration and using ideas with my own twist to make things pretty. I just love the recent obsession at the moment with bloggers displaying their uniqueness through coffee table decor, sideboard styles and how they style their dressers. 

   As I don't own my own coffee table or sideboard, or house for that matter (yet), I thought I'd share my dresser decor styling and how I utilise such a small area with quite a few little pieces to make a beautiful space where I love getting dressed and ready in the morning. Obviously my dresser doesn't look  like this all the time as I often end up leaving a makeup brush lying around without putting them back in the holder or a tea cup with a mouthful of cold coffee which I've left and won't put away until later that day. But, when I do have a clean dresser which is organised and neat, it makes me feel so much better when I'm doing my hair and makeup. 

    I love nick nacky things like candles, random objects like the peacock feather you can see in the left hand corner of my dresser and my latern full of champagne and prosecco corks. They are just little reminders of things that make me happy and I love seeing them on display. My favourite part of my dresser is definitely my makeup organiser. I love that it's a clear plastic material so I can see which draw each piece of makeup is in and it is so easy to clean and wipe down when makeup splashes upon it or when it gets a tad dusty. I got this a few years back when they first started to become popular and the only place I could find one was not on the high street at the time. There are tons of websites and stores that sell these or similar to these now, but I love not on the high street for quirky things and just love their makeup storage containers. 

Moving on from the makeup storage, my brush storage was a idea I noticed in Debenhams on the Urban Decay stall a while ago where they used these cute white, lace effect holders (well, they are plant pot holders but who doesn't love improvisation?) for their spare brushes and I just love how the white pots offset my dresser allowing them stand out amongst everything. I bought mine from eBay for about £6 each and I am now kicking myself because I found almost identical one's from Ikea for £2 each! 

Every blogger seems to have this in common, candles, and lots of them. In fact, I've never met a woman who doesn't love candles. If you don't like candles, hit me up in the comments because I am so intrigued why someone wouldn't like candles because I love everything about them. The smell, the way the look and how they make the room feel when they are burning. They make any living area look and smell amazing and I always feel better when there is a candle on. I don't know why, I just do. I love this white company candle I got a while ago for my 21st of my great-aunty and great-uncle and only just started burning it the last few weeks because I wanted to keep it forever. Oh my god, it smells glorious. It smells like grapefruit,jasmine and heaven all in one. Ahhhh it just makes me feel sooo relaxed when it's burning. 

Lets talk rose gold. I bloody love rose gold, as do many of you out there. It is such a nice colour that is bold, yet not too in your face. I was after a ring light mirror for doing my makeup for a while before Christmas, yet, couldn't find one that I truly loved and some how, my boyfriends Grandma and Grandad found this beautiful mirror from the makeup brand No.7. Unfortunately this was a limited edition collection and No.7 no longer sell this, unless your willing to pay £150 which is what it is selling for on eBay at the moment. This mirror is pretty amazing but lets be real, £150 is way to much for a mirror! So, I found a dupe for you guys from Danielle Creations which is such a good price for a decent mirror that looks fabulous. 

Ever since I was younger, I've always had a wee obsession with corks from wine bottles, champagne and prosecco. I'm not sure why, I just think that when it is a special occasion, often there is a bottle of bubbly open and then I associate the cork from that bottle as a reminder of that special memory. As I've gotten older, I continued to collect them and wrote dates on the cork of the date it was opened and a word to remind me of that day. Cheesy, I know but I just love happy memories. 

    When I have enough corks, I plan on making some sort of decor with the corks, I'm not sure what yet, maybes a bar sign? Who knows. I store these happy little reminders in another happy reminder of my Aunty's wedding, this lantern. My Aunty used these lanterns as table centre piece filled with flowers at her wedding last July and as a bridesmaid, I got to keep one! I honestly haven't a clue where she got theses from but you can get similar lanterns from plenty homeware stores like Ikea

Last but not least, our his and hers calendar. Rob got this of his parents for Christmas and it sits above my dresser because out of the pair of us I use it more. It is so cute how there is a section for what he needs to do this month for work etc. a section for me and a section for us both to do. Uber sweet. 

I hope you all have a fabulous week and enjoyed reading this little post. 

Love Sam


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