February 2017; Just a lil' update

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to the mad world that is thatgeordiegirlsblog! 

I've been hiding away for a week or two, not for any in particular just life gets in the way at times. It happens, and as my blog isn't a full time thaaang right now, I've been naughty and left it hanging whilst I organise life like a real adult (Well, trying to be an adult)!
  For me, the last few weeks have been crazy busy! Like, beyond crazy busy. Every day I've been run off my feet doing one thing to another and tonight is the first night in ages I've got home from a work course and sat on the sofa and just thought, 'you know what, I am literally going to proper chill tonight'. 
  So, I am literally sitting in the living room, watching 100% hotter (easy telly for an easy watching), with Rob's jacket on for comfort, bowl of fruit and yoghurt, looking online and I thought I'd post a little update on the blog as too why I haven't been as blog orientated lately. 

  As I have banged on for a while now, we are house hunting. The most adult thing that I have probably ever done in my whole life as it involves a ton of serious decision making and lots of money saving (and I just love spending money, so it is so sad to save). So the last few weeks me and my boyfriend have spent nearly every day off together house hunting which sounds fun but is the most stressful thing ever imaginable. Despite this, we still have a BILLION things to sort out before we move into anywhere. Thank god Rob keeps me sane! 

Another little thing that has been keeping from my blog is all of our family events just gone in February. My little cousin got christened! That was cute. Also, it is my Dad's, brother's, Mam's, cousin's, Auntie's and Uncle's birthday all in Feb and it's safe to say, it has been super hectic! With regards to work, I've been on courses and on shifts all month so it has been a wee bit mental. AAAAAAND too top Feb off, my car is finally on her way! After being on order for 3 months and spending time organising deliveries etc., my baby is due to be delivered this week so I am super excited. Oh and did I mention I got my tattoo the end of last month which is still ridiculously sore?! It's the start to my back/hip piece which I am so so excited to have finished, however I forgot how much tattoo's hurt and it is currently the day after the first outlining session and I am SOOOO sore. It feels like someone has burnt my back and I have material stuck to that burn, so sore. I'll do some Instagram posts when it is less gross. 

My plans for March is to get way more orientated with taking my (well Rob's) camera places to take some awesome blog images as I always forget to bring it and end up using my shitty, yet well loved, iPhone for photographs which is not the best when trying to take blog images. I also want to boss the gym again as I've been a few times now since joining and I am loving the feeling of eating  more healthy, drinking less alcohol and actually enjoying the burn of exercising. Who would have thought this pizza, larger loving Geordie gal would love salad and fruit? I wouldn't have! 

If you have any goals for this month, please feel free share in the comments down below and I shall see you very soon with some fresh content. 

Love, Sam 


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