International Woman's Day; why woman are superheroes

Happy International Woman's Day! To all my fellow ladies, this is a day to celebrate our accomplishments in the world and how much our world has changed since females became more recognised as a equal sex to males. What a day to celebrate having tits and uteruses! 

     The reason I love this global event is women worldwide have a chance to celebrate their achievements in the social, economical, cultural and political areas of our lives since the early 1900's. Since that one day in 1903 when 15,000 of us truly amazing women marched through New York to highlight and speak out about our rights in our society, women from around the world have gathered together in spirit to tell everyone, we can do this! No matter what we put our minds to, we can achieve the impossible. My favourite quote about women I have seen that I think really represents today is... 

"The woman whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because sh*t worked out. They got that way because sh*t went wrong and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways, on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those woman are my superheroes". Elizabeth Gilbert

Women do amazing things, besides the obvious of giving birth and mothering children, we have created some amazing inventions that, lets face it, both men and woman couldn't live without in this modern day. 

Medical Syringes - invented by Letitia Geer
Rotary Engine - invented by Margaret Knight
Circular Saw - invented by Tabitha Babbitt
Engine Muffler - invented by El Dorado Jones
Life Rafts - invented by Maria Beaseley
Windscreen Wipers - invented by Mary Anderson 

and most importantly

Chocolate chip Cookies - invented by Ruth Wakefield

I think this is pretty amazing that all these amazing invention that are commonly associated with male dominated jobs were invented by women. Who said women can't get down in the nitty gritty of hard labour? Not us! 

As a little disclaimer, I am not at all saying women are better than men or that they deserve more recognition than men as there as men are as crucial to a good working world as women are and always will be. However, from being belittled all them years ago, it is great to see that the world is changing everyday and that female equality is getting more and more recognised. 

So, for all you strong woman out there, celebrate your successes today and take a minute to step back and think, 'wow, I can do this sh*t!'. Oh, and guys, can you take a moment today to day to look at the women in your life and appreciate all they have become and really celebrate all they have and can do!

Love, Sam


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