Hello beautiful people. I hope you are all having a fun start to April, I know I am. As the clocks go forward, the nights stretch longer and mornings remain bright, Spring is slowly but surely arising and I'm so excited for some sunny weather. March was a particularly hard month as I was on the transition from day shift to night shift which for anyone who shift works, ya'll understand the struggle of going from sleeping through the night to trying to sleep through the day. It's bloody hard. Despite this, there have been some exciting developments in March which is killing me not to let people know until it is finalised, but I am so excited for the end of April/May. So many blog posts to follow. A little clue is that there will be a few up cycling posts... 

March has let me experiment more with food *see my Riley's fish shack blog post* and baking (I know, more baked goods). Since it was Rob's birthday mid march (Happy Birthday again baby!) I was able to create some crazy cakes and dabble in new recipes such as a classic carrot cake, which I have never made before in my life! For a carrot cake novice, it was pretty damn tasty and after a few more attempts (I promise it is not an excuse to bake more...okay maybe it is but who complains about more homemade cakes? Naaat me!) I might do a wee blog post on the nut free and gluten free recipe I have been experimenting with. Keep your eyes peeled for a new recipe this next week for a Jammie Dodger cake which is so simple but looks and tastes so amazing. I'm sure any foodies and cake lovers will like it. 

From food to beauty products, I have been loving face masks and skin pampering these last few weeks in March and have finally settled into a easy, yet effective night time routine which has worked wonders for my acne prone skin. Along with face masks, toners have been my life savers these last few weeks as night shift has ruined my skin with sleeping and eating at weird hours and wearing makeup for weird time periods and having to reapply at various points in the day. Toners have really revamped my skin and I am so happy to share with you some of my favourites in some upcoming blog posts. 

When this blog post will be published it will have probably been Easter and I hope you all have had an amazing Easter holiday. I also hope you enjoy the new design of my blog as it was due a freshening up. 

Lots of love,  Sam


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