Hiya lovelies!

Welcome back, long time, no read! Life is busy as usual and this month I have really enjoyed spending time with family and friends and unlike us, we've been super sociable and I've attended several events with Rob and I've actually been on several nights out with my pals (2015 Sam is back in the house...wuuuuut?) 

I think because April was our last month before entering the real world of adulthood before we move house we kinda splurged on going to some cool event in Newcastle such as the Big North Tattoo Show (totally awesome).

Although I never got pics from the Big North Tattoo Show as I felt using my iPhone wouldn't have done the quality of the tattoos any justice, I thought I would quickly tell yous how amazing some tattoo artists were and if you ever get a chance to visit next year, please do go! Whether you have one tattoo or a whole body full, you'll really appreciate some of the detail and inspiration behind the artists. It definitely made me get the itch to get another one. Speaking of inking, I got my back piece coloured eventually. One word, painful. Bloody painful at that. Not the process of it, that was no where near as painful as the outline of the stag and flower. However, the week following, I felt like someone was setting my back on fire and it was so stingy I could have cried the entire week. Not good. Well, my tattoo is pretty amazing but the pain is definitely not! 

Next on our agenda for April was the Rum Festival. This is the first one Newcastle has held and to be honest although it was slow at first, the night sharply livened up and it was such a good laugh and for the price of entry and for the price of the rums, it was worth a visit. I will be doing a blog post on the Rum Festival so stay tuned this next week or so if your a Rum enthusiast alike us. 

Oh, did I mention I also got to see Ed Sheeran? The BEST night ever. Despite being a bit tiddly, it was such a good laugh dancing around with my other half and just being totally silly for one night. For a change we stayed in a hotel popular to Newcastle called The Sandman Signature. To be honest, we've been before and rated it better previously as this time we arrived and our room was under construction and they obviously didn't realise and let us go to the room which was full of drills, ladders and parts of the ceiling missing and when we went to reception to explain our findings, the receptionist wasn't overly apologetic (which you would expect for a high class hotel) and was very chilled about the whole thing which we were not. Our next room they gave us (bearing in mind we paid for a executive suite with a good view from the balcony) the view was of the back of what I can only guess was the kitchens and about a billion tab butts from other guests balconies and the staff. Not cool. However, Shark Club, an American gastro style pub attached to The Sandman was amazing. Wing Wednesday is the best time to go for food, and they are a nut free establishment which was ideal for us.

Despite all this excitement last month, we have another adventure to be overly excited for this month as we hopefully get the keys to our very own home. Never have I been so excited to buy bath towels and a toilet brush before. Anyone who has bough a house understands the stress of waiting for keys etc. It is the worst waiting game ever. 

I hope your April was as fun filled as mine was and that May is just as exciting and full of adventure. 

Lots of love, Sam 


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