Hiya! Welcome back. 

This is a slightly unusual post but as I seen other bloggers using this as an opportunity to allow their readers to get to know them better,  I thought why the hell not. Here is 50 random facts about me which you will probably either find super weird or super boring (each person to their own). But, hey ho!

Enjoy! Love Sam 

  1. I have a degree in Adult Nursing & I am a full time Staff Nurse on a ward which specialising in Stroke. I bloody love me job, as much as I complain I am tired all the time, I genuinely love looking after people.
  2. When I used to be a cadet nurse, I got a letter of the Queen of England to thank me for my work & to thank me for planting a rose bush for her on her Jubilee. I just need to get Prince Harry's attention next...
  3. I have an obsession with owls, flamingos and unicorns. Oh, and Dalmatians at the moment.
  4. I am trained in mixology (cocktail making).
  5. I am also trained barista (coffee making).
  6. I love Harry Potter, I'm such a potter head. If I was at Hogwarts I would love to be in Hufflepuff. Don't know why, just do.
  7. I love tattoo's so much they are the most beautiful thing if they are done nicely, but they hurt so bloody much! 
  8. I have one (canny large) tattoo on my lower back of a Stag's head & a flower. Originally, I had a music note, peace sign & a love heart symbol (proper tramp stamp, I know) but I've had it covered up. 
  9. I used to do freestyle dancing for years which included hip hop, street, contemporary & body pop dance. I had to give it up for work unfortunately.  I'd love to go back.
  10. I love cooking & baking as you've guessed from a few recent foodie related blog posts. I once was in a cooking competition where we were partnered up & both had to complete our dishes to the judges expectations. Mine scored the highest & my partners scored the lowest so we didn't win. I was gutted.
  11. I swear so much, it's like word vomit I can't help it. I have to refrain so so much to not swear in front of people's parents and at work. Disgusting habit, I know. 
  12. I have a weird sort of OCD. Some days, I don't let mess bother me too much & other days I'll be ready for bed and I'll think, shite with this, I can't sleep until this room is spotless. Messy kitchens are the worst, I can't stand a messy kitchen.
  13. I love visiting new places, however I HATE travelling because I'm always scared I've forgot to pack something. I am the worst person to be around when I'm packing. Once, my little brother helped me pack my bag when I was travelling to Tenerife & I had a break down & cried & he had to call my dad because he didn't have a clue what to do with me. 
  14. I used to get called Milky due to how pale I am & Kevin because I used to look like the boy from Home Alone when I was a wee bairn. No joke.
  15. I HATE beetroot!
  16. My dream job would be a wedding organiser/wedding dress shop owner/full time blogger/interior designer/home stylist all in one. Is that a real job?
  17. If I won the lottery I would love to open some luxury care homes with golf courses & spa's on site. I just love older people, they have such good stories of their past it's so interesting sitting with them and listening to their childhood. I also think some older people don't get the respect they deserve when they've done so much for our country in their younger years.
  18. When me & Rob first met we didn't like each other at all because I shouted at him in front of quite a lot of people. 3 years after, I accidentally likes an old Instagram pic of his & he asked me on a date & here we are almost 3 years later!
  19. I'm allergic to sulphides so some foods and drinks make me breathless, can give me hives & makes my stomach hurt. It still doesn't stop me eating and drinking things, I just suffer.
  20. I'm also allergic to some pen inks. Once, my friends drew a moustache, Harry Potter scar & glasses & a fish on my face whilst I was asleep. The next few weeks I have a rash for these things on my face after my poor Mam spent hours scrubbing them off.
  21. I have a phobia of worms & deep water.
  22. I've been to every single Ed Sheeran concert at Newcastle. 
  23. I love candles - I got 20 different candles for Christmas last year.
  24. I can not apply false lashes, I'm such a crap girl (edit: although I am practicing. It takes me a good half an hour to get one eye applied).
  25. I hate negative people, I moan a bit but I HATE people who moan constantly. Life is for living, not complaining.
  26. I'm so nosy. I like to know the ins & outs of a fart. If there's something happening, I need to know.
  27. I used to be able to hold a conversation in British sign language, for the life of me I can't remember any of it now. 
  28. I like to relax by getting a massage. Spa music is just the best.
  29. I love flowers & plants.
  30. Bourbon biscuits make me feel sick they are so vile. I can't even eat other biscuits if they've been in the same biscuit tin as Bourbons.
  31. Prosecco, JD & ginger, Gin & elderflower are my absolute fave alcohol drinks. 
  32. Tea, flavoured lattes & cherry coke when I'm having a non-alcoholic drink.
  33. My favourite movie is About Time.
  34. My favourite sweets are green Skittles & Cadburys Oreo chocolate bars.
  35. I hate unpainted toenails. It freaks me out so much. I've never not had painted toe nails since I was probably 13/14. 
  36. I have scoliosis & hyper-mobility of my joints. I ache every day, it's just the norm now. 
  37. I collect mugs & funky glasses. I love a good jam jar cocktail glass or mug that has a funny saying printed upon it.
  38. I used to write a fashion column for an online magazine run by art degree students which stopped due to commitment problems with a few of the writers. 
  39. I have really bad acne & have done since the age of 12. There was a stage at like 20/21 years old where I was almost acne free but since starting my staff nurse job, I've had break out after break out ever since.
  40. I suffer from sleep paralysis. It's where I wake up, but can't talk or move and I feel like someone is dragging me from my bed & the room is windy. First time I happened I thought I was getting attacked by a ghost but after speaking to someone they told me it often happens with funny sleeping patterns and stress (I do nightshifts often and I'm nearly always stressed about something). It's only ever happened 3 times in like 4/5 years though. 
  41. My favourite food of all time is pizza. I could eat it all the time if it wasn't unhealthy.
  42. I used to have an imaginary horse called Molly when I was younger.
  43. My celebrity crush's are Ryan Reynolds, Prince Harry, Hugh Jackman & Ed Sheeran. 
  44. My favourite accent to listen to is Geordie (obviously), Cockney & Scottish.
  45. I love driving whilst singing my heart out. It is such a nice feeling after a long hard day at work, getting in my little mini & sticking some noughties tunes on and singing my little heart out.
  46. I have a Mini Cooper in British racing green which I call Martha. Why the hell not?
  47. My favourite place in the world is Wooler in Northumberland. I had a really rough year in 2014 & my Grandparents took me and my family away for the week & it was the first time that year I felt happy & stress free. I will always associate Wooler with being happy.
  48. My favourite brand ever is Ted Baker.
  49. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd visit the Maldives (yup, typical blogger goals).
  50. So far in life, I have worked as a Cadet Nurse, Student Nurse, Waitress/Barmaid, Care Assistant, Blogger, Column Writer, Mental Health Support Worker & now I am a Staff Nurse & Blogger.


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