Way back in April, me and Rob were invited to attend Newcastle's very first official Rum Festival. As lovers of rum, this was quite an exciting invite to receive as it meant date night, blogging opportunity and a chance to taste some yummy rums. With reasonably prices drinks, the event was quite a lovely thing to have in Newcastle as some bars can be way over priced for drinks. Literally, we paid for tokens on the door, received our very own rum glass to keep and each drink was one token. For rums that are normally priced at £10 for a single shot in a normal big city bar, having a double for around £4 was not bad at all. If rum isn't your tipple, there was a cocktail bar that sold non-rum drinks. 

Although the night was slow to start as people had been coming in dribs and drabs at the beginning, some arriving straight from work to drown some sorrows and some being swamped by shopping bags post shopping trip. At around 9pm, the evening began to liven up with live music from a steel pan band and then a jazz modern group, the night was really cool and different. I must add, the steel pan band was amazing! They played more modern music with a twist. This was something I think Newcastle really needed to bring an alternative twist to a drinks festival. 

Also, lets talk about the venue. The clay shed was such a massive venue to pick which may be why it was a lil' quiet at first, it was beautiful with little stalls, fairy lights and shacks with coconuts and staff dressed as pirates, it was great. Plus with such a cool, laid back venue, it meant being dressed up for the town wasn't over dressed, being in jeans and that 'nice top' (woman understand this. Who owns a 'nice going out top'? Seriously I can never find them, point me in the right direction plz) with a pair of heels or even dressed as a pirate, you would have fitted right in!

Oh,  and there was a pizza van. A freakin' pizza van that sold the most amazing stone baked pizzas. Scream for pizza may have just made the night for us. There is something about a hot dough, cheesy goo-y mess with some tomato and herbs that makes a night out worth it.

Will we go back again? Most definitely. 

Sam x


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