Hello lovelies. 

Welcome back. After a hectic few weeks I've got my organisation head on and my blog is taking some major priority this month as I am fed up of neglecting it and then seeing my other blogging friends excel in their work. Especially some of my local blogging friends, they have really inspired me to get my butt moving and actually doing some work for my blog in my spare time. I've been super organised this morning as I sit with a frothy coffee on my sofa in my PJs (still, its 10am) with a billion post it notes in front of me deciding what to blog about and when. I've missed blogging so much these last few weeks and have been so busy in May and June I forgot to do a May update. So, here is my little monthly updates for May and June as they have been an absolute whirlwind of emotions.

So, what have I been up to? We moved in together! As I've banged on about moving into our new home for what feels likes forever, we are officially in and I love my little home (I wish I could insert the house emoji and love heart here, so applicable). I say little, but by no stretch of the imagination is our first home small. We have been the luckiest of people to be able to get a nice 3 bedroomed house for our first home and we both love it. When we were first looking for houses, this house was empty and had been for roughly a year after being rented for years and that really put me off viewing at first because I assumed there was something wrong with it, however when we eventually viewed it after driving past on the odd occasion, we both fell in love with it. However, we did put an offer in after we first viewed it and then because she wanted more money for the house, we put it off and looked else where but no where compared to this lovely home so with some negotiation, here we are. 

There is no way buying a house is easy, the amount of stress both me and my partner have felt since February this year is insane. I am the biggest stress head known and I was actually okay-ish comparison to Rob. Now, he is the calmest of people ever and he was horrifically stressed about it all. Most people in that situation would be put off buying a house with someone else as it does put an enormous strain on your relationship, but its made us love each other more because all the stress was because we wanted to be together in our home so after some little disagreements here and there over daft things and me stamping my feet (princess mode fully engaged obviously), we are here. We love it. 

In all this craziness I've been ran off my feet with work, working 13 hour shifts whilst planning a house is mental. Running around a ward for 13 hour and coming home to discuss kitchen designs and talking money is ridiculously mind blowing. Not in a good way. I've also been doing some extra bits and bobs for work on top of my normal work, I done a presentation for some newly qualified nurses which was scary as there was 60 of them and 1 of me,  I went to a conference for band 5 nurses which was really interesting and I also passed possibly the most terrifying course I probably will ever do. Just mayhem. 

Ambitions for this month? Blog more and enjoy exercising and health food more. Hopefully...fingers crossed. What are your aims for July?

Until next time,  Sam 


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