5 things I've learnt since moving out...

Hello lovely people. Welcome back to my blog. Life as per usual has been manic. Work, work, work and trying to organise our house has been insanely crazy lately. Anyone who tells you moving out is not stressful, must be a lunatic or lying. Going from literally having all your possessions in one room in a house to being spread across several rooms is quite a surreal and weird feeling and trying to organise things to suit both me and Rob has been, lets just say, tedious. 

As I have seen over different social platforms, it is so lovely seeing other people in the same boat as us, moving from one home to another or moving from living with parents just like me and my partner to their own home. It is reassuring to see other people going through the same situation and being able to bounce concerns amongst each other and knowing your not the only crazy lady going, obsessing over every little detail of your new home. I thought since myself, my friends and peers are of a similar age and a similar stage in life of moving away and getting our own homes, I thought I would share the 5 things I have learnt since moving away from home and our families, just because I though it may help someone in the future. Or for the simple fact, people may actually be interested to see how moving out can effect people and I needed to post a new blog post... 

1. Money is the devil - Since moving, everything to make your house liveable, whether that is bills or household items, requires money. Although it is an exciting time and spending money on home things doesn't seem like a bad thing or wasted money, once your settled in fully and you realise EVERY requires money, it become slightly daunting when you finally sit back and thing, 'shit. I see why my parents said they would love a money tree'. Now, I am so lucky that Rob deals with bills and our money because I can't deal with money at all because numbers really confuse me, but, from what he has explained, knowing when each bill is coming out and making sure that we have enough money in certain bank accounts seems rather stressful and I am so glad he has took charge because I'd have no hair left as I would be ripping it out every month, making sure the right amount of money has left the right account and what not. Always prioritse your money carefully ladies and gentleman. 

2. Agreeing is harder than it seems - Me and Rob get on pretty well 99.9% of the time, but moving into a house and making decisions on what goes where, and where shall we decorate first can be so irritating when we both have different ideas. Even though we have similar ideas for what we want for each room, my style and Robs style are universes apart. Rob prefers plain, very basic things where as I love the wacky and tacky things. Flamingos? Bold colours? Geometric prints? Yes please! Rob haaaaates that I love weird and bold ideas, however we have learnt to compromise, it's took a few weeks but we've learnt to agree on things a lot better than we did when we first moved in. It is very hard to make a decision when your both thinking opposite ends of the spectrum but finding a middle ground is key for two happy chappies. 

3. A tidy house is very hard to maintain - We both do weird shifts patterns and sometimes we have a run of 3 or 4 days were we both do 13 hours shifts, come home, slob out and go to bed. This repeated over several days, results in a less than well kempt home. Dishes begin to pile up, washing pile grows, ironing pile escalated and dust collects. Coming home 9pm and tidying is NOT my idea of chilling after a hard day. It's strange because on my days off work, I find tidying therapeutic and relaxing yet I can't BARE the idea of it on a night time. I'm not sure if I'm weird but yeah. But, it is incredibly difficult to keep on top of a cleaning schedule when our working schedules are all over the place. I take my hat off to couples alike us who have a lovely tidy home all the time. You deserve a bloody medal and a gold plated duster. 

4. I miss my family and friends more than I thought I would - Ever since I was younger, I've always liked my independence and I have always been so confident in doing things on my own. To be honest, I never would have thought I'd move away from Gateshead because thats where all my family are and all my friends live, despite disliking the area, it was still home. However, since moving to Northumberland, where the only people I know is Rob's family, I have found it some what lonely at times. Well, lonely is a strong word, because Rob's family are like an extension to my own family and I can go to them with any problems and if I want company, they are all more than welcoming. Sometimes though, I miss the comfort of popping to my Grandma's for a chinwag and a rant about pointless rubbish thats been happening or randomly receiving texts from my best mates asking if I fancy drinks in Spoons or at our local - which usually escalated to a night out in Newcastle. It's the little things, but I made the decision to move to a beautiful part of the country and to be fair they are only a 20 minute drive away. Where we live now, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else and I wouldn't want too. 

5. Food shopping, what a bloody nightmare - Our first food shop, I cried, I broke down, Rob just didn't understand how stressed I was and why. Bless him. We were buying our first ever food shop PLUS buying goodies for having a house warming party with our families which was crazy to do all in one shop AND on our first shop as well. Food shopping in not easy when you both have a LOVE for food and love eating shit. Also, with Rob having a nut allergy, spending a majority of you shopping time reading labels and throwing stuff back because every thing says 'may contains nuts' is so tedious. Trying to be sensible when shopping and finding out that strawberries are £2 a punnet which is actually really expensive whereas a pack of crumpets is £1, you can kinda understand why people eat crap. Trying to make a shopping list and meal planning is bloody hard. Who really knows what they fancy a week in a few days time for tea? I certainly don't know!


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