Good morning my lovely readers. How you all doing? Good I hope!

Well, happy Monday! Yes, Monday again. Some love it, others hate it. Me however, I am embracing it. To some, Mondays are so daunting as we all try and set goals, some realistic, others not and with Monday being the day most people dread in the week, we need some happy vibes to keep us going. 

So why do people dread Mondays so much? Work? Meetings? Emails? School? College? Uni? Traffic? New diet? Hangover? What ever the reason you may have, Mondays are without a shadow of a doubt the most HATED day of the week - so why do I love Mondays so much?

New Monday, new week, new goals!

The reason I love Mondays may differ from most as I love getting myself organised and getting ready for the week ahead. I love a good fresh start to the week. I'm lucky in the sense that I don't work every Monday but even so, Monday's in my job ain't too bad as I can get organised for the week. I know what I have to have achieved within the week and what my goals are. Mondays off work, likewise, I make goals. I know its pretty sad but I have to be organised otherwise I would get BOT ALL done. Literally, I am the worst for being unorganised. If I don't use a diary or lists, I haven't a CLUE what I need to do. OCD maybes influences this just a wee bit but I run with it. Either you run the day, or the day runs you! 

Quit slacking and make shit happen! 

So, how do I stay motivated on a Monday? I plan my week. Mondays are the beginning of the week for most, so whats better than to start at the beginning? I always try and write down what I need to achieve or have done that week. Although some things may not go quite to plan (such as the wardrobe I've being attempting to paint for months and STILL haven't finished...) but having a basic idea of what to expect for the week keeps me motivated and gives me goals to reach before the week is over. 

I mean, you can't expect to succeed if you only put work on the days you feel like it, can you?

Every week I have or attempt to have the same routine on a Monday. Either get up and go to work for 13 hours and come home, cook tea, clean a little and change our bed sheets and get into bed around 11pm either for work the next day or so I can start my day off fresh the next morning. Or if I happen to be off work, I get up (sometimes early, sometimes late if its my first day off work), have breakfast, check my emails, look at my diary, look up meals for the week, make a list of what to achieve this week, plan blog posts and then tidy the house. Boring, I know, but this keeps me going for the day and I feel if I can keep doing this every Monday, it becomes routine to continue through the week to remain organised and then I can have a productive week. 

Do what you love and you will NEVER have a problem with a Monday.

Another Monday morning ritual I have is to try eat a healthy breakfast with the hope this continues through the week (not always the case but I try!). I also try to plan when we can get to the gym together as we sometimes work totally opposite shifts so that can be tricky and date nights ends up being a chat on the bikes at the gym followed by a cuddle on the sofa with a glass of vino after being tortured with excercise  Again, organisation is key and can keep me fairly motivated.

Wake up determined and go to bed satisfied.

Although I do think having an idea of what to aim for in the week is a good way to keep motivated, always leave room for last minute planning as this can also keep you going through the week. There is nothing I love more than a last minute suggestions to go to the pub or to go to the cinemas. It's the little things that make you happy can really make your week and in turn, having a good week and keep you motivated for the following week. Is Monday just one day, or day one? You decide. A little progress adds up each day to make big results. 

Do you have any Monday morning motivational tips you use to keep you working through a busy week? I hope you all have a fabulous week and keep slaying!


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