10 things to do in Autumn

 Hiya hinnies!

Welcome back. I hope your all well & enjoying your week. Now we are officially in Autumn (yeyy!) I thought I would whip together a wee post on some of the things I just adore and look forward to doing in Autumn. 

I just love feeling cosy and my favourite days are when the Autumn air is crisp and the sun is shining but it's cool enough to wrap up in a bobble hat and scarf. I just love feeling cosy. I also love when the weather is so cold on a night time and even when the weather is pretty rubbish, I look forward to movie nights in with the fire on, fluffy PJ's, woolly socks and hearing the rain or wind pounding on the windows as we watch a movie, read or even as I fall asleep. I find it soo relaxing. Another reason I favour Autumn is the excitement as we count down to Christmas. I find planning and talking about Christmas so exciting and I just cannot wait! 

Without further ado, here is my little list of things I enjoy doing in Autumn that may give you some cheeky little ideas to keep yourselves busy during the cooler months. 


1. Make soup - I have a growing love for soup and I love making it in the cold months. Paired with a crispy roll on a cold afternoon, heavenly. 

2. Watch X Factor - Surely I am not the only person who uses X Factor as a countdown to Crimbo? It is my guilty pleasure before Christmas...

3. Go for walks - Days where the air is crisp and the sun is out I love going for walks all wrapped up and cosy. Just like the weather in these images used within this blog, I love going to country parks and big woodland areas (I was visiting Plessey Woods, Northumberland when I took these images) as it feels so fresh and really gets my blood pumping with the cool air.

4. Visit markets - Autumn/Winter markets are my thaaang. I love looking at little trinkets, Christmas goodies and little quirky homeware items. I love tat.

5. Pumpkin carve - no, I'm not a child. I just love getting into the spirit of things and pumpkin carving is something me and my boyfriend, Rob, have tried to do every year, just for the hell of it. 

6. Christmas lists - food lists, present lists, decoration lists, you name it, I have it in a list. I like to plan from the end of September what I want to buy people for Christmas and what I want to do at Christmas. As me and Rob are hosting Christmas at our house this year, planning is well under way already. 

7. Bake - I bake all year round, however, baking on a cold day seems just so right. A warm kitchen on  a cold day, there is just something so lovely about it. Plus the smell of pies, cakes and bisucits is possibly my favourite smell in a home at Autumn time.

8. A/W outfit planning - layers are my favourite thing to wear. There is nothing more exciting to me than a bobble hat and a scarf with a huge warm jacket in Autumn. 

9. Purchasing and burning candles - I bloody love candles. I have them all year round but Autumn candles are out of this world, I mean, who doesn't love the smell of spiced apple and cinnamon? I feel a house is more homely when candles are burning, especially on an evening. 

10. Practice slow cooker (crock pot) recipes - I am a massive fan of the slow cooker as me and Rob work 12/13 hours shifts mostly, we come home and some times we can not be bothered slaving over the hob for an hour. I love proper meals in the colder months such as stews packed with vegetables and flavours. With a slow cooker, we can bang all the ingredients in the slow cooker before we leave for work, come home, plate up and sit with a cuppa and watch Tv or read before bed. I love experimenting with new recipes, so every year, I often have a new meal tried and tested in the slow cooker. 


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