Dia Dhuit...or just hello if you not Irish. Welcome back, I hope you've had a good week. Ireland was our little adventure last month, Dublin to be exact and we loved it. Although you always hear people raving about Dublin, myself and Rob were a little dubious about going because everyone who has been before us who we know personally, have all been on a 'drinking holiday' there, i.e. stag do's or lads or lasses weekends away. We went for a couples weekend away and although we did start to regret it after the first day (long story, I will explain shortly), our second and third day really made our trip. 

We flew from NCL at around 08:55, I think it was, the flight was fine as flights with Ryan Air go...but we did get extra leg room which was champion to sit in for all of 35 mins (yip, that is how short our flight was, great aint it?). Funny story about our flight, Rob finished nightshift that morning and I didn't sleep too well as I have really bad travel anxiety so I was totally knackered too, so when we arrived at the airport and had a pre flight pint, as you do. And another. And another. And another, I think? We got that chilled in the bar we almost missed our flight, not by much but they did pretty much take off just as our arses hit our seats but never mind...but we made it to Dublin in one piece.

On arrival to Dublin we just hitched a ride in one of the cabs they had available outside the airport and we were greeted by the most Irish bloke you could ever of met. I never have trouble understanding peoples accents as being Geordie, we have possibly the broadest accents going in the UK, but he had the thickest Irish accent and it was lovely to sit and listen to (even though I didn't understand much of what he was telling us). We arrived at our apartments and as check in for our apartment wasn't till 4pm and it was around 1pm, we left our bags with the staff at the bag drop service and headed out too adventure in the city.

NCL airport. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

First stop, the Guinness Storehouse. Although we walked for miles to get there, the place itself was very eye catching and full of very touristy artefacts, which will interest some people, we however thought it may have been a bit more of the history behind the founders and makers of Guinness. Although it wasn't what we expected, it was worth the visit to see the Gravity bar where we got our free Guinness and got to see Dublin from a birds eye view. Beautiful. If you ever go to Dublin, I would go visit this attraction if your new to Dublin, just to say you've been, but don't be disheartened if you thought it would be more factual exhibits and more historical than commercial. It is still an experiance. 

Guinness Storehouse. Photography: Spoors Photography

Next, we walked down back to the city centre near the Spire, (sorry guys, after several Guinness' I kinda made the error of forgetting to take a picture) we visited some pretty cute pubs on the way in and walked up to our apartment near O'Connell street. Notice how I haven't named the company renting us the apartment (YET, I'm saving it for another blog post of how to deal with bad customer service), that's because we checked in at 6pm and back out at 7:15pm. We were horrified. Me and Rob ain't no clean freak, domesticated angels that have a spotless home 24/7, but if I don't have a mouldy shower at home, I certainly won't tolerate a mouldy one on holiday. Yep, mouldy. Bright green mould just sitting there on the shower head. But, I'll save this for another blog post. There is too much to tell you guys and we are still in discussions with the company regarding compensation so I will keep yous updated. 

Anyways...we arrived at our new lovely hotel at the Academy Plaza Hotel right in the city centre. We had fabulous customer service from a lovely lady called SΓ­omha
 who literally helped us so much in finding the ONLY available room in Dublin for our trip so last minute, she was amazing (I honestly cannot remember how to spell her name but she is a lovely red headed lady on the check in desk who made our holiday for us, she was our life saver for that trip).   

We had quite a stressful time so we only ventured out to a local restaurant named Flaniganns where we settled for the night. Drank some vino, ate our body weight in food and then stumbled back to our hotel where we had another view bevvys and then went back to our room to just chill and watch Tv and read. We had quite a busy day the next day so we needed our beauty sleep (and the fact we were totally wrecked off our first day).

Academy Plaza Hotel. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

Day two, Dublin Zoo! Now, I read some reviews online about the Zoo and how some people state it was a 'little' zoo and wasn't very good, we however LOVED the zoo! It may have been raining but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It was far from little, it was massive. There was plenty to see and the staff were so friendly. Based in Phoenix park, it was a lovely location and unfortunately we couldn't walk much further after the zoo due to the weather and our poor little sore feet. I would say this may have made our trip visiting this place. 

Dublin Zoo. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

Dublin Zoo. Photography: Spoors Photography

Temple bar area is the go to place when visiting Dublin and I have to say it lived up to its reputation. It was lively, fun and full of Guinness. The Temple Bar itself was lovely, a real good feel pub with lovely staff member and was full of tourists as well as some locals which is always surprising to see in such a big tourist attraction. Despite being a bit hard on the old purse and wallet, the atmosphere of the live Irish singer and people just being so happy to be there was worth the money and I have to say, 10 pints later we were more than happy to pay the Temple Bar prices! We finished our night at the Hard Rock Cafe which is always a favourite for me. Good American Styled food post pints is just what we needed to continue the night on.

The Temple Bar. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog
Hard Rock Cafe Dublin. Photography: Spoors Photography
Abbey Court. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

The Oak. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

The following and last day was filled with local history and Irish whiskey. Kilmainham Gaol was such an unreal experience to see one the most historic prisons in the whole of Europe. Organised tours aint really my thing as I never have enough concentration to listen the whole way through but I think in the first time in forever, I listened the whole way through and I was well impressed. Eery and interesting. 

 Kilmainham Gaol Prison . Photography: Spoors Photography
 Kilmainham Gaol Prison . Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog

Our last visit was the Jameson's distillery, yet another toured guide and yet another amazing tour. I'm not sure if it was the tour guide who kept cracking crappy hilarious jokes, or the free whiskey but I loved it. We started with a cocktail before our tour, a Rhubarb sour for myself and an Apple Twist and with cocktail in hand, we followed our guide throughout the door and ended the visit with a tipple of whiskey. Well tanked up, we went back into the city and visited all the tourist gift shops we could have relaxed until we needed to go back to the airport. Overall, despite the agro with the apartment booking, it was a lovely weekend away.

Jamesons Distillery. Photography: thatgeordiegirlsblog


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