Was 2017 a good year?

Good evening, Morning, whatever time your reading this. I hope you've had an amazing day. I thought I would use this post as a debriefing for 2017 as for me personally, it was a fairly strange year.

Now, I'm not saying 2017 was a bad year by any stretch of the imagination, but it was quite hard work at times. I wish at times that I kept  diary of what happened each day as a round up which I could look back on and remember the good times but also to be able to reflect on those bad times as well. I think sometimes being able to remember the bad and realise how things have changed for the better is a good way of realising your self worth and how far you've come since that point in your life. It also may be a hinderance as who wants to remember the bad and dig old demons up...

Additionally, I think that this year has been a bit strange for my loved ones around me as things have changed not just in my life, but massively in theirs too. You forget your friend and family are growing old too. We've encounter some great news and some terrible news, things you wish you never had to imagine but seeing how well people cope and how they manage to still end this year on a high feels flippin' amazing.

One massive highlight for me is owning my own home with my Rob. We're like actually adults now, cannot even stress how stressful it was but we did it. Within the space of a few short months, we went from looking at homes to moving into our dream first home and began ripping it apart to make our own. Never have I felt so happy to own something in my life. Despite a mortgage being a right bummer every month when the money goes flying out the bank account, I would much rather spend my money on our home than going drinking every weekend and not having the memories of where I spent hundred of pounds on sweet f a. No thank you!

Meeting new people as also been a massive highlight for me this year. I've made some pretty lovely friends and relationships with some new faces this year which I'm sure I will keep into the future. A downside to this is how I've realised this year that some people who were in my life, I no longer need. Fake friends, pretending to be nice then who talk behind your back (no thank you hun) and people who are just pure poison. Don't give them your time, they wouldn't give you theirs. Time is precious, you wouldn't waste your time fixing something you knew was totally broken and couldn't be fix, why should any relationship with anyone be the same?

On a positive note, other things I can be totally grateful for this year is my new baby, Martha, my brand new Mini Cooper, my first ever car. I always would say when I was younger, that I would get a Mini Cooper as my first car, and I did. I feel so lucky. I also survived a whole year being qualified as a Nurse. A whole year! Never would I of imagined actually being qualified and surviving a year. Crazy. 

This year has really been the year of finding myself as I feel the last few years, I had lost my self image and began to dress purely for comfort and quickness rather than expressing myself which I had done for many years prior. I got 'fat' this year. Now, I'm not saying that anyone who is the same size as me, or even bigger is 'fat' but I gained SOO much weight (despite signing up for a gym membership?!) that I bounced up two dress sizes, and began to feel uncomfortable with my body, like really badly. However these last few months I've started embracing my bigger bod, and start to appreciate my more curvy womanlike figure. I mean, although I'm digging it now, I still plan in the new year to lose some weight and tone up like hell. I mean following Tammy Hembrow on Instagram is enough to make anyone wanna drop the pies and pints for kale and bicep curls any day. Goals!

To round it up, although 2017 was majorly hard at times and felt like the world was going to end and that life was just pants, there were too many good times to let the bad times spoil it. I hope you've all had a lovely festive period and enjoy your new year. 

Sam, x


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