New Year, New Me...

Happy New Year guys (better late than never). I hope your all well. Yes, I know the title is enough to put ANYONE off reading, but, I quite like reading other peoples new year resolutions as often ,I can be inspired by their choice in changes. I love how positive most people start the new year as everyone loves a fresh start don't they?

So, whats my new years resolutions? Lose a shit ton of weight? New style to impress others? New hair which I will probably change straiiight back to lil ol' blonde me? 

None of the above. I HATE when people feel the need to change for others. Towards the back end of last year, I started feeling very down about my clothing size (I jumped from a size 8/10 to 12/14 in about 18 months? Impressive aye?), my work/social life balance, my style as a result of my weight gain and my attitude towards life. Lil miss stress head came out in force towards the end of 2017 and looking back, stress was never needed. 

How will I change these issues? By not thinking them as issues, but as areas to embrace and improve.

My weight was never a issue prior to last year really, I always was quite a slender 'skinny' girl with smalls curves which I took forgranted so many times thinking I was 'big' or 'too curvy' cos I had a bum and boobs. In actual fact, I looked too thin looking back on old photos on facebook, unhealthy even. After beginning to date my partner, I began to learn to bake and to enjoy going out for meals without feeling the need for a massive piss up after. How I was so skinny when I used to go out drinking till 6am I'll never know! But, nether the less, the weight crept on and boom. None of my clothes fit and stretch marks started to rear their ugly head. I HATED IT! 

It wasn't until my works Christmas do when a few people commented on my outfit telling me how nice it looked and where to get it from (I totally didn't have the heart to tell them it was from the curvy section, but hey ho) and for the first time in forever, I felt good about myself. It was this that made me think, why am I putting pressure on myself to get back to 'skinny girl Sam'? EMBRACING your shape has never sounded better. Yes, I will be going to the gym and eating better as eating Dominoes pizza and mac'n'cheese all the time aint good for no one. However, I won't be so harsh on myself and hate my curvier, womanly body. 

Another 'issue' I will embrace in the new year, stress. Like most people, stress is something I have always been struggling with as I stress about everything. Even every day things such as whether my morning alarm will go off and if my car has enough fuel - stupid really but nether the less, little unnecessary things. Why stress about things that can't be changed. Don't have time to do something - fine, do it another time. Not enjoying what your doing - change it then, do something you enjoy doing. Don't get along with someone - be tolerable but it not your fault you don't get along with them, be the bigger person and move on. To be fair, I started doing this at the end of last year and myself and my partner have noticed I am a LOT less stressed. Maybes not stress free, but not too unbearable to be around. :-)

My last big change for this year is to be phone free. Now, I'm not saying I won't be playing on my phone, but, I'm aiming to make a habit of leaving my phone out of view (you know, out of sight, out of mind aye?) and spending more time with friends and loved ones. I seen an image on twitter (I can't rememberer the source, sorry) and it was a cartoon of a group of people walking, looking at their phones and looking at an image of a miserable rainy day when actually they were all walking on a lovely bright sunny day and it really hit me, why do we love our phones so much when there is so much going on in real life? Never the less, I do enjoy a good instagram browse so I won't be totally phone free, just at the important times.

So guys, whats your new years resolutions? Have you stuck to them? Let me know in the comments. Heres to the best year yet and a brill end to January 2018.

S x


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