Feeling out the loop

Photography ; myself  Location ; Seaton Deleval Hall, Whitley Bay

Hello my little lovelies. Welcome back to my little patch on the internet. This week has been a total write off, I've felt so out the loop with missing a week of blog posts due to Norovirus and various other bugs that seem to be attracted to me these last few weeks. Despite doing sooo well and having posts ready to be posted for several weeks, the one week I didn't have posts scheduled earlier, I became sick. 

Does anyone feel that when they've missed a few blog posts, for whatever reason, they have a creative block and don't have a bloody clue what to blog about or what to do to gain some inspiration to write a post? I felt that I had no energy or motivation to think or do things to blog about until I sat to write this and planned Wednesday's post. I suppose being sick has given me a little break from reality and blogging but I am raring to go and I'm happy to be on the mend and ready to write more.

If your not a newbie here, you'll have seen I've updated the ol' page and changed my blog layout and style to something a lil' more daring. Yey or nay? Personally, I'm loving it. Totally different, totally me. 

I hope you've all been well and avoided any nasty bugs and what not. Please come back Wednesday when I'll be posting as normal. :)


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