How to be romantic without being OTT

Happy Valentines Day huns, some will love today, others won't. I however think it's a lovely way to spend the day with your other half and let's face it, it's a great excuse to either spoil your partner or be spoilt. I used to haaaate V Day with a passion before I met Rob as I never had a nice day on V Day, either being single or with someone who used to make sure they would spoil it, being with Rob made me totally change my views on days like V Day and now, I actually look forward too it. 

Now, I'm not saying you have to be totally over the top romantic with flowers, chocolates and a cliche teddy bear, but simple things can really show your partner how much you love them. It doesn't have to be V Day either to show how much you love someone, just a random gesture can really make the difference in your relationship. I'm lucky in the sense that Rob and I can be really romantic and it's never too over the top, but it's quite nice to be spoilt I have to admit. But, he also can just be low key in small gestures which really do put a smile on my face. Likewise, I love romance and I love doing things I know Rob will love and feel loved for. Without further rambling, heres my list of things you could be doing to show your partner how much they actually mean to you, without being OTT.

I hope you've had an amazing V Day no matter how you've spent your day.
Love, Samantha x 

Post it notes : now these little crafty things are useful in the office, but also to leave little messages for partner around the house. Whether you leave it on the bathroom mirror, on their lunch in the fridge, or on their pillow a simple 'I love you' message can really cheer someone up.

Texts : If you go to work before your partner or even if you wake up and your partner is on their way to work, a quick 'good morning' text is a lovely way to start the day. Also this applies for 'good night' text messages if they work away or night shifts. 

Cooking : Whether this is a bowl of cereal or a full 3 course extravaganza  cooking or at least supplying your partner with food is always a good shout. I often cook our meals as I enjoy learning new recipes and lets be honest, Rob's always happy to be chilling watching TV or playing games and letting me do my thing but when I work till 8:30pm and haven't had time to start anything, Rob can really rustle up something yummy which is a nice surprise when I come home. Also, making your loved ones lunch for work can be a big bonus for romantic points.

Sofa time : I'm not sure how other people sit in their living room, but me and Rob have separate sofas which we sprawl out over to relax and sometimes, we venture over to the other persons sofa and have a cuddle and this is lovely but only occasionally as we like our own sofa space to relax. Sometimes, this also include a foot rub but thats when we're feeling extra romantic (ha ha). Also, we have discovered if we push our sofas together, it forms a bed like shape which is sooo comfy to watch TV as we don't like to have a TV in our room as thats where we like to have a chat at the end of the day and read without any distractions. But our 'sofa fort' as we call it, is great for rainy days where we can have a cuddle with a movie on. 

Date night : Now, date night does not always have to be a fancy meal out, our favourite date nights is going to our local, having some beers and wines, ordering a pizza on the way home and relaxing in front of the TV. Perfect. However, we do have dates where we head to Newcastle and have a proper splash out meal, but we prefer a laid back ones most of the time. Obviously everyone has their own tastes, but if you don't fancy an expensive night with your lady or fella, try a quite night out. 

Saying I love you : I find it strange when couples who have been together years don't still say  I love you to their partner, I don't know if it's just a habit they fall out of, but we've always said I love you on the phone, before we go to bed, or just randomly to each other which I think is still so sweet and something I never want to stop doing as it always makes me realise how much we care for each other and how we want each other to know it. Obviously, if your the couple who never say it, don't start saying it all the time as they might become suspicious but just tell them every so often. Everyone loves to be loved after all.


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