My winter/spring to do list.

As the end of winter draws nearer, spring is dawning upon us and I don't know about you guys, but, my new year 'to do list' hasn't really been a great success. I still haven't finished painting the wardrobe I've had stored in the garage since we moved in May (oh shall I say Rob hasn't...), I still haven't gotten into the routine of a healthier diet and going to the gym (I managed once, then got sick. Oh well) and I STILL haven't started saving money for our summer holiday this year (oh crap). So many things I've tried to do and failed so far.

Nether the less, these are little things which I'm not too stressed over (yet). But, surely I'm not the only one who puts a lot of pressure on themselves at the beginning of a new year to better themselves whether this is a diet, organisation or just becoming a damn boss at getting things done. Obvs, this whole 'new year, new me' crap is genuinely something most people do but why can't it be goals to be achieved throughout the whole year, why do most of us stress that we haven't done everything on our new year list and consider it a fail. Well, god only knows, I felt the exact same when I didn't complete everything I wanted too. So, the whole point of this post was to create more of a seasonal to do list. Without further ado, here is what I plan to achieve in the end of winter and within spring.

  • FINALLY finish that bloody wardrobe and build it up in the master room
  • Continue to consistently post blogs on Mondays and Wednesdays 
  • Get into a comfortable routine of going to the gym, eating well as well as allowing some cheat days
  • Book and start to save for our summer holiday
  • Visit more places in Northumberland whilst the weather continues to improve
  • Begin/continue my tattoo'd half sleeve (I already have one tattoo on my arm)
  • Say yes to more blogging events 
  • Buy more clothes
  • Continue to slowly decorate our home
  • Continue to learn more recipes and make my own
  • Read more books

If anyone has any more ideas of what they have on their to do list or what I could add to mine, feel free to comment yours :)


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