Acne do's & do not's

Hello lovely people, I hope your well. Today, I thought I would share a few things I have learnt along my acne fighting journey for the past 10+ years as personally, there is so much crap posted about how to 'cure' acne which is never a 'cure'. Banishing acne is something I have never done, but for those who have acne, will understand when I say acne doesn't just disappear over a few days or weeks. It is a long drawn out process which I have found some little hints and tips which can help on this journey to clear or clearer skin. Now, I'm not saying that you MUST do this in order to take control of your acne, everyone's skin is totally different. Some of these things haven't worked for others, just as some of their do's and do not's haven't worked for me. Everyone's skin reacts different to different methods or products. This post is to simply help those who are new to their acne diagnosis or who have had acne for a while, but are stuck in a rut with their skincare routine and need just that little bit of guidance. 

I was diagnosed with acne when I was 11 years old, just starting secondary school or high school and I felt so embarrassed when I felt I had to start wearing concealer and foundation as no one else did at that age and because I wasn't very good at applying it, my face would be cakey, patchy and orange most of the time. Never a good look. I also then had to take antibiotics every day which was never fun as they made my stomach hurt. Then began the bleaching cream which would stain my clothes as I had back acne or 'bacne', the towels at home would be also bleached, my bedding, everything I touched. Later in life, when the antibiotics began to stop working would be starting a contraceptive pill which was known to help subside acne, to which I had to stop after because of massive complications which lead to me bleeding to the point of needing to go to hospital and migraines which would lead to me being off sick because I couldn't see due to the visual disturbance aurora they caused. 

Once this stopped, I seen the GP for a referral to the dermatologists as my skin was still bad at the age of 18 after all them years of antibiotics, bleaching cream, other medicated cream and dodgy pills to which I got told I wasn't a candidate for referral because laser treatment would only work when my skin was clearer and I wasn't allowed to start roaccutane as I have massive anxiety issues and this medication has tons of side effects linked with mental health. 

Since then I have been told to keep on top of my skin by keeping it clean, drinking enough and to try and eat the correct things to help my skin until it becomes clearer and I can begin laser treatment for scar removal and to hopefully stop any nasty breakouts. Luckily, I haven't had any huge breakouts for months and I think this is down to my skin routine. So, without further ado, here are my do's and do not's for acne.

DO NOT dry your skin out. When you dry your skin out, your body automatically produces more oils to replace the one's you've taken away, eventually causing more spots. Using strong products to dry the whole face can be more damaging. If spots are really infected and are 'wet', try using products which localises to the area such as the Lush 'Greased Lightening' as you can just dry that one spot out without affecting your whole skin. I normally use this at night time just before bed after cleansing.

DO keep your skins hydrated. This includes moisturising, drinking plenty water and using products that won't be too drying. I never was one for misting sprays until I used this one from Omorovicza. I normally use this before applying any make up on my face and during the day if I feel like my face is dry. Especially on make up free days. Not only does it keep my face hydrated, but, it smells incredible.   

DO NOT sleep with make up on. This is a massive no no and a breeding ground for spots. I've been guilty of this on those nights after a few bevvy's in the pub or when you've just started dating your partner and you don't quite want them to see you without makeup and MY GOD. The next few days, my skin is horrendous. When you sleep, your skin rejuvenates itself and can detox. Where as with a face full of makeup, your skin can not breath and takes in chemicals from your makeup, causing more spots. I use either micellar water, face wipes (very naughty) or this magn!tone cloth to remove any makeup. I love this cloth as you literally just need some warm water to remove makeup and it's reusable as you simply pop it in the washing machine. No product needed!

DO take time off from makeup. I love a good makeup free day as my skin really thanks me for it. I love wearing makeup, and I would never say to not wear makeup at all, and I never used to have makeup free days until recently and my goodness. I find the day after, my skin feels soo much better. Having a day to detox your skin and pamper it will make you feel so much better. When wearing makeup, aim to chose oil free makeup as this will be more friendly to spot prone skin. Also, clean your makeup brushes and sponges! They are so prone to bacteria and need cleaning at least once a week.

DO NOT over cleanse you skin. Its super tempting to clean your skin constantly throughout the day. There was a time when I would have my makeup free days and I would scrub my face, cleanse it, tone it, mask it and keep the mask on for hours, wash it off and I would sit with toothpaste on my face for the rest of the day. This would hurt so much and to be honest, there was no real benefit as just cleansing and doing my usual routine twice a day is enough to keep spots at bay. 

DO treat your skin. I love face masks. There something so therapeutic about sitting on a night time, chilling, in front of the TV or with a book and having a nice face mask on. Especially when you take it off and your skin feels super nourished and fresh. I love boot's own brand charcoal range as its super affordable and makes my skin look and feel fantastic. There are so many brands that specialise in spot prone skin care and a new one I am currently trying out is the Tropic clear skin mask which I have only tried once so far, but shall be keeping you guys updated as too whether I like it. Although it is super tempting to use face masks every day but it will be super drying do try and stick to twice a week. Let it be your pamper night! I also am loving the Neutrogena light therapy mask (when I remember to do it). Rob got me it got Christmas and when I remember to use it on a night time, I love it. I can feel the next day that it has drawn some of the crap and bacteria out of my face and scars are reduced. The mask uses red and blue lights to help reduce bacteria and scaring for acne and must be used constantly for 10 minutes a day, everyday. Well worth the money in my opinion, fingers crossed it continues to work! I'll keep yous posted. 


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