How I keep my hair healthy and vibrant

One question I always get asked is how I keep my hair healthy, despite having silver/grey hair. I've always been quite lucky with my hair in the sense that I've almost always looked after it and it always seems healthy and never appears dead or too damaged. I did go through a spell following a bad hairdresser where my hair was frazzled at the ends following bleaching sessions every 3-4 weeks and I had VERY short hair. I'm talking shaved on one side and pixie cut short. I also had a hair burning incident with a curling iron and my hair snapping after trying to curl it post hair spraying (definitely not recommended).  

This brief spell of poorly hair made me really up my game with my hair care routine. Ever since then I have never let my hair get so damaged and my hair has never felt better. I am also a massive advocate of not using too many expensive hair products as I find I chop and change my routine with regards to brands depending on what's new and what my hair needs, so having too many high end products can be a costly job.  Obviously any suggestions I make is based on my hair type which is quite oily, naturally straight, fair hair. Anyone with any other hair type may differ, however I am sure some of my ideas can be utilised to meet your hair type. 

Do not wash your hair every day.
I know that temptation to wash your hair every day for that lovely silky feeling of freshly washed locks, however you can strip any natural oil from you hair which can in the long term be more damaging. I found that when I used to wash my hair every day for years, my hair would feel greasier and more oily quickly, where as washing alternative days leaves my hair feeling less oily and less dry. I tend to wash mine every other day, sometimes every 3 days it just depends what I am doing with my hair that day. I also find styling my hair on a day where I don't wash it holds any curls and plaits in longer and makes styling a hella lot easier. I use Batiste Dry Shampoo on days where I am not actually washing my hair just to avoid any flat hair days and also soaks up any oil produced without being too harsh on the hair. 

Find a good shampoo and conditioner.
Finding a good brand of shampoo and conditioner is very important I find as finding a duo that really works for your hair type is essential to keep your locks so vibrant. I use a toning shampoo some washes to revive my grey/silver hair. I follow this with a colour supporting conditioner as this helps smooth the hair as well as lock in any colour. I love PRO:VOKE Touch of silver Brightening Shampoo as I always find this really brightens my hair. I normally leave it on for around 5 minutes every other wash to keep my colour shining. The only downside to this shampoo is if over used, hair can become very brittle as it is a toning agent and can cause a bluey purpley tinge to your hair. I love this, however, it aint for some. I follow this by using the PRO:VOKE intense conditioner. 

Every other wash I like to use a shampoo for volumising as I have quite flat hair natually. My favourite right now is the Percy & Reed Bouncy Volumising Shampoo. As it is a luxury shampoo, is is a little more expensive that you average shampoo, but it washes hair like a dream and I adore it. I also use their conditioner to compliment the wash. 

Get a good hairdresser. 
We've all been there with hairdressers, searching for the cheapest salon that does a decent job and lets face it, sometimes you have to pay a little more for a better job.  I've been to some pretty swish hair salons that provide glasses of bubbly, a massage chair and a 'high end' hair dressing service and frankly, they do just as good as some regular hairdressing salons. Don't get me wrong, having the pamper is amazing at times, but, paying so much money to just be 'satisfied' with your hair is just not worth it. I've also been to some lower priced hair salons where you get what you pay for. A bad bleach job and a slap dashed hair chop. It's took me years to find a hair dresser I love and want to keep going back too. Hair @Ridley park is literally one of the most underrated hair dressers I have ever been to. My hair dresser, Jessie, literally does my hair exactly how I describe every time without fail. A good hairdresser should provide good advise, health hair and good costumer service. I've been to some hair salons and ended up with blue hair instead of grey, yellow hair instead of white and I've even ended up with inches cut from my hair because the apprentice started cutting my hair and didn't realise I didn't want that much cut off (he never asked how much off, he just chopped away. I was so shy to ask what he was doing!). Moral of the story, find a hairdresser that knows what they're doing!

Treat your hair.

I love to indulge in a good hair mask every once in a while. I love Aussie hair for hair products such as this and using a hair mask or intense conditioner is literally the nicest feeling on your hair the day after. So silky smooth. I try to use a hair mask or intense hair conditioner once a week. Try find one that doesn't strip hair colour. I love Aussie 3 Minute Reconstructor.

Use good hair products.

Good hair products don't have to cost the earth. I see instagram gurus with their £50 hair serums and £100 hair treatments and then a few weeks later they're asking why their hair is in such bad shape. I'm not at all saying all luxury hair products are rubbish as I use s few myself, I'm just pointing out you don't have to pay through the nose for  a decent collection of good hair products. Let's start with heat protection. A must if you use any form of heat on your hair, whether this be a hairdryer or a quick zap of the hair straighteners. I use the VO5 Heat Protection Spray prior to hair drying, curling or straightening. I sometimes use this on holiday in hotter countries even when my hair is not being styled with heating elements as the sun can really damage your hair. Just like sun cream, I apply this to my hair. 

Most famously known as the hairspray they used all the time on Geordie Shore back in the early days, I use Got 2 B Glued blasting freeze spray to hold any stray hairs in place. I love the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm to give my hair that literal extra control and smoothness. Whilst blow drying my hair, just as my hair is nearly dry, I use Moraccanoil treatment on my hair ends to reduce split ends.


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