This post is one rather close to my dear heart as we celebrated my wonderful Gran and Gramps' 50th Anniversary at the dreamiest of estates known to Gateshead, Eslington Villa *Uber dreamy*. Ever since I was a little girl, I would see my Gran and Gramps almost every week and they would always be so positive about love and life and I always would think this is how I want to be as an adult. No matter if they had a little tiff or if they felt in a bad mood or under the weather, they were always so kind to each other and always smiling. Proper love. For their big day, they booked a table for all their family and closest friends at Eslington Villa in Gateshead and managed to pick one of the only days in May where the sun was shining bright, the rest of that week previous had been miserable and wet, somehow they pulled off the most perfect summer do.

Eslington Villa is a fabulous little secret in Gateshead that needs more recognition amongst the food community of the North East. We sampled their amazing Sunday Dinner menu including starters such as goats cheese salads, cheese and soups that all looked, smelled and surely tasted bloody delicious. We chatted, gossiped and ranted about things that happened in the past, other peoples experiences of marriage and basically catching up on all things recent as it is not often we all get together and have a chance to sit, eat and chat. Eslington Villa literally is the most gorgeous of food venues in Gateshead, in all honesty, your taken from Gateshead and placed into this whole other world of elegance and class. 

The grounds are simply beautiful as they stretch out for yards with beautiful greenery and a lovely patio area for relaxing and plenty space for wee ones to play or even big kids to enjoy a stroll. It was a perfect way to kick of summer celebrations for 2018. As my first time dining at the Villa, I was blown away at the staff's etiquette and manner around the table and the whole venue, all so lovely and attending. One in particular who was new, despite not being 100% familiar with the menu, she worked her damned hardest to ensure my grandparents had the most rememberable anniversaries to date.

For our mains, there was a selection of Sunday Roast options such as beef, chicken and a fish option. Fish for a dinner on a Sunday isn't really my bag but seeing other people's made my mouth water and may have just swayed me to try it in the future. But, I was too tempted to have a standard beef roast. A typical British Sunday Roast, bloody lovely. The meal came with an array of vegetables and a selection of potatoes and a mountain sized yorkshire pudding. I'm a sucker for gravy and with endless gravy boats approaching the table I was one happy gal, as way my Gran and Gramps who by the time I stopped stating how lovely the meal was had finished theirs and was ready for pudding. 

Anyone with a nut allergy will understand the pure joy of being able to order a pudding that you feel safe to eat, (not a perk of having a boyfriend with a super severe nut allergy, I may as well have one too!) so obviously I ordered a sticky toffee pudding *the most gorgeous one I've ever tasted for that matter, and I've tried a lot* and Rob got a cheese plater, obviously. My Dad and Mam brought the amazing celebration cake to the day in addition to our amazing meal, despite not tasting any, it looked delicious. So after a phenomenal day, we spent the rest of the evening celebrating into the late hours of the night with family and friends at my Grandparents pad. Eslington Villa, a massive 10/10 from me. I'll leave all links associated with venue and photography below. 

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