George's Kitchen NCL

Hello and welcome back! Long time no speak, read, you know. Recently we visited George's Kitchen in Newcastle and I just can't keep this hidden gem to myself. We've been twice before this visit when they first opened and it still is one of my favourite places to eat in Newcastle. We booked our table online (so we weren't disappointed as the wait was huge!) and as soon as we arrived, we were sat at our lovely table for two and were almost immediately asked if we required drinks and a allergy advice menu (important as Rob suffers a severe nut allergy). 

Originally, I wasn't going to do a blog post but whilst we were there, I had the urge to take some blog post photo's and do a wee review, so all images are taken on an iPhone (poor quality excuse!) 

We started with drinks, a expresso martini at 2 - 4 - 1 (bargain) and a brown ale (pronounced broon ale in Newcastle) and ordered our meal pretty much as soon as I seen calamari and scampi on the menu. We started with 'Classic George's Squid' at £5.85 for a hefty portion of seafood and a 'Georges Deconstructed Scotch Egg' at £5.95. As we always share our starters, I had a taste of both dish and was not disappointed! Squid can be a bit chewy at times, however these tasted amazingly seasoned and wonderfully cooked. Despite being deconstructed, the Scotch Egg tasted as good as a constructed dish, packed full of flavour with a hint of peppery spice in the sausage meat.

Our starters were closely followed by our mains with just the right amount of time between dishes to digest and feel hungry again for more grub. I ordered Scampi £9.95 (normally serves with regular fries) swapped with an additional of Stilton Chips £2.75. Rob ordered 'Chicken in a basket' £13.25 served with grilled sweet bacon, sweetcorn pancakes, coleslaw, twice cooked fries and spiced mayo (I know, my mouth is watering just thinking about it).  

Sometimes, I find that when restaurants offer a cheesy chip alternative, they can be rather stingy with the cheese. As a lass who bloody loves a cheesy chip, I was not let down. Despite being a strong cheese, I loved it, and could eat them all day, every day. The scampi was succulent and a fair size! Rob's meal looked and smelled as good as it sounded and from his reaction, tasted bloody good too.

Overall, our meal and experience with George's Kitchen was fab. The staff were friendly, and the price of our meal overall wasn't over priced for Newcastle! A nice place to go for simple food, with a twist and a good price. This restaurant is tucked away in the Intu Eldon Square food quarter and is definitely somewhere not to be missed by any stretch of the imagination. I will leave their website address here ->


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