International Friendship Day

*WARNING. This post may include some soppy comments, shit quality images and some personal thoughts so please be kind*

 2015 ~ Gothem, NCL Me & Maddy right before I was sick all over the bar after drinking a whole bottle of rum prior to going to town and I was sick all over her poor thing (I couldn't hack that night)

 2016 ~ Wetherspoons Me & Amy with all our other friends having a mid week random night out in our local Spoons

2017 ~ Three Tuns Carl, his fiancΓ© Amy, Maddy, Maffhew, Rob, Toni, her Mam Helen then lil ol' me crouched down

YEY! Happy International Friendship Day! I love this day because days like this is another excuse to tell your mates how amazing they actually are without sounding totally soppy and without needed to be drunk to tell them. You know, THAT drunken conversation normally in the smoking area of a club where you and your mates have had one too many tequila shots and your all saying how amazing each other are and ponding HOW ON EARTH you are all still friends. That normally when we have such conversations and I love them. 

The best way to describe my group of friends from home is like the Inbetweeners. We're all so totally random and uncool that we all just match and have such a fun time together. We all dress differently, we all have totally different jobs except the Devine sister who are basically twins at different ages, we all listen to different music, we are all interested in different hobbies and interests. HOW we all get along so well is a mystery but I love it. We all lived quite close in our home town and we all ended up at the same school (apart from Pheebs, traitor) and we're in different year groups and in different classes. Some how, we all remained friends and over the years, a few of us lost touch and regained contacts, but to this day, we all still keep in touch. 

2015 ~ A small gathering at mine ended up in a messy girls night in with lots of bubbly

2017 ~ Me & Craig at my graduation after party in Newcastle

All my friends are totally different to one and other. Myself, the more 'sensible' one who seems to be the 'Mother' of the group, straight talking, tells people how it is and helps my friends come to more grown up decisions as well as being a bit crazy at times, especially if tequila is involved.  Toni, wild, party animal and ALWAYS has gossip. She's the crazy wild party goer of the friend group who could go out with £20 and come home tanked up and have a good time and come home with that £20 left. Craig, the funny older wiser friend who always has time for us despite having several other friend groups and always has good advice. Craigs kind of the 'Dad' of our group as he's quite like myself in the sense we are the most 'adult' out our mates. Maddy and Phoebe, the sisters of our group, absolutely bonkers, yet so super loving and always create a great atmosphere no matter where we are. Both completely crazy and just as sound and vibrant as each other. I love the Devine sisters, and as their last name states, they truly are, devine friends.
Matt, the cool guy. He's always super laid back and is quite quiet until he's heard everyone else's gossip. One drink, and he's away, trying to fix the world and releases calm vibes into our little crazy group. Jan, the geek of the group (soz hun). Funny, blunt, nerdy, but is always great to ask gaming or computing questions. Jan I would say is the coolest guy in our group (sorry guys) as he has the best flat for video game memorabilia (not that I'm a gamer but its pretty cool shit he's got) and has the COOLEST job and has office dogs. Flippin' office dogs!

One thing me and my friends all have in common is we've always got time for each other whether it's meeting up or messaging each other. We speak nearly every week via messenger and always know what each others up to the large majority of the time. It's nice to be in the loop and keep each other updated. Plus, someone normally has a stupid tale to tell about their week to keep each other spirits up. 

Then there is my dear friend Amy. The girl I meet at school in the later years. Someone who I literally haven't seen for years but still love her to pieces, she was there through my hard times at school and after then and I've been there for her through good times and bad. She's that friend you can not see in forever yet when you talk, its like you've never not spoken. Just like my lovely friend Jack. Jack Jack as I've always called him. Someone who I also met in later years of life, didn't speak to for years and every time we talk now, it's like we've never not spoke to each other. He, another friend that during my hardest time ever at school, he was the one I confined in and helped me through the worst time ever. You guys, are the best. (Jack, if you read this, why have we no pics together?) This needs to change mate!

2015~ Drunken night in Newcastle

2017 ~ Maddy's wrestling themed party (me as Nacho Libre, Toni as just Toni cos she's boring)

Then there are friends I have lost along the years. One in particular I must mention cos he'd be foaming if I never, is my lovely friend Tom. Tom sadly took his life when we were at college and I have never forgotten him. Although we were only friends for a year or so at college but we ended up so close. Tom was the sassiest of the sassy folk and I can never forget him. Every time I hear Lady Gaga I still think of him. He was that friend who would push you over for the laughs but would help you up and check you were okay and then let you push him over. That sorta friendship. I miss you all the time Tom.

2016 ~ Me & Toni on my graduation after party 

2016 ~ Night out in the pub with Toni & Maddy

Not forgetting my best friend, Rob. Not only my best friend but my boyfriend too. Your truly amazing. Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me each and everyday to become a better person and thank you for your love and support.

This friendship day, please tell your friends you love them. They are like you family you could not choose. Even if they are the biggest arseholes you know. They're your bloody arseholes. 


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