Chilli is a big hit in our household as both myself and Mr Spoors adore anything with a hot kick from spicy chicken wings, boiling curry to a simple hot tortilla chip dip.  I love anything that leaves a hot trail of destruction, watering eyes and a runny nose. Hotter the better. I am such a big fan of a hot chilli sauce as there is so much variation on the market today and the beauty of a chilli sauce is you can add as much or as little as possible to your dish and you have a creation as spicy or as little spiced as you desire. I often make dishes for myself and Rob and he often adds additional spice to his own, so using chilli sauces can create a dish perfect for the pair of us. 

When Screaming Chimp asked if I would like to review their sauces, I was thrilled. I heard plenty good reviews about the range they offer and as their sauces are nut free ~ bonus!~ it was uber dreamy to say bloody hell yeah I'll review them! From slightly smokey aromas to boiling hot mouth tingles, the range from Screaming Chimp is incredible. They offer a sauce for everyone and lucky me, I've tried and tested each and everyone one out for you lucky ducks.  I must also add, all sauces except the Mango & Papaya are vegan.

Lets start with the least spicy of the Screaming Chimp range, Vics Ol' Smokey. With a chilli rating of 1 out of 5, this little bottle of Birdseye chillies is super smokey with the little additional hint of paprika and despite being the least heat impacted sauce in their range, it still packs a punch on the heat scale. Ideal for families with members who ain't too fond of the heat, I would pair this sauce with dishes such as chicken wings, fish curries and BBQ'd meats. Out of all the sauces I would rate this possibly my 3rd favourite of the lot. 

Chipotle sauces are my go to for a little chilli hit as well as packing a punch of smokiness flavour from paprika. With a heat rating of 4 out of 5 on the chilli scale, Screaming Chimps 'Chimpotle' sauce is by far, my absolute favourite of the range. With smooth tones and smokiness as well as heat that would make your mouth water and beg for more.  As soon as I tried this sauce, I added it to some Chilli Con Carne I had in the slow cooker and was amazed how it transformed the dish ~blog post coming soon!~ Adding depth as well as heat, and a taste that would turn any boring spag bol to a zingy masterpiece, this will be something I will be re purchasing again and again, and oh yeah, again. 

Despite having all these fabulous flavours, nothing can beat a good ol' original. As bog standard hot sauces go, this far from your bog standard sauce as it is citrusy, yet smooth in flavour. The Original Hot Sauce is ideal for heat lovers and perfect for grilled chicken or vegetable dishes, whether your cooking a wing or cauliflower roulette or a chicken salad. With warming tones from the chilies used, this is perfect for heat explorers. Rating 3 out of 5 for heat, it is certainly not light on the chilli front.

Well, as well as scorching chilli sauces, Screaming Chimp offers some fruity additional for those who like a bit of heat, but prefer a more tepid taste with a chilli rating of 2 out of 5. Myself, I am not a fan of fruit and chilli together despite loving the ideal of chilli chocolate or a sweet and sour chicken dish, I'm just not a fan of mixing sweet with savoury, but however, these were rather tasty. Not my favourite of the sauces, however, Rob adored this. If your a lover of sweet meets savoury this may just be your bag. Made with Aji Lemon chillies ~I know, I never heard of them either, bizarre~ and a little blend of honey this sauce I would imagine being great with ice cream, chicken and rice dishes and even experimenting with cheesecake. Watch this space, I may be converted. Oh and it also won 'Great Taste' award in 2017, GO CHIMPS!

The second fruity and saucy number is another one of Screaming Chimps Aji Lemon Chillies creations, ideal for marinating, this would be ideal for a sweet and soured pork or vegetable dish. With a chilli rating of 2 out of 5,  perfect to spice up any dish without blowing your socks off with cooling tones of Pineapple. Another one of Mr Spoors' favourites. Tangy, but spicy!

The Stinger Chilli sauce just as the name suggests, is one of the hottest of the Screaming Chimp range leaving a little sting whenever your eating. Using Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers ~ yup, you know the one that Mexico believe to be the hottest chilli in the world~ and Bhut Jolokia Peppers or as most of us know them as, Ghost chillies you can bet your last chicken wing that this will blow anyones socks off. Perfect for chilli lovers, not so good if your a little whimpish ;-). I think this to be ideal for curries with lentils or a bit of shredded beef or pork. Alternatively for burritos!

Lastly, I thought I would finish with the king of hotness. The Screaming Chimps very own Screamer. The hottest chilli sauce I have ever tasted. A citrusy, garlic blend with chillies that undoubtably will blow your socks, shoes and brains out. Not for the faint hearted, rating 5 out of 5 on the chilli scale I would not advised anyone who can not handle their chillies to be overly brave with this bad boy. One of my favourites out the bunch, this sauce will go far with hot dishes so use sparingly. Ideal for Mexican tacos, BBQ'd meats or vegetable stir fry, this sauce is a great party piece for any dinner party whether it is used in the dishes or when things get a bit heated and you say 'have you tried the hottest sauce ever?'. This will sharp liven things up with its Naga, Reaper, Moruga and Habanero pepper combination. Great if you make a chicken wing roulette to spice up your life. 

Alas, that was my round up of Screaming Chimp Chilli Sauces, far from anything I've tried before all amazingly packed with flavour and a sauce to match anyone's taste buds. You can find yours by clicking the link for their website and follow their instagram page also linked where you can find them at local food festivals and where you can stock up on their latest goodies. Just scream if you wanna go hotter and join the 'Chimpions'. 

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