30 before 30 ~ my bucket list

Visit America

Driving holiday in America (Two birds, one stone maybes?)

Get married or at least be engaged (Rob will be cringing at this, ha ha!)

Own a pet

Have our home fully decorated (ha ha, hopefully)

Become kinda fluent in another language

Visit the Harry Potter Studio again (I've already been twice but hey ho)

See one of my best friends get married ~ I love a free buffet!

Be confident in my own style

Meet Mary Berry (we can only dream can't we?)

Meet Ed Sheeran (I mean, totally 100% unrealistic but, I think I would be that cringey fan who didn't know what to say or do, but I would love to sit and have a beer with him and have a chin wag)

Watch a west end show in London again

Learn to swim confidently (yup, I'm proper afraid of deep water, pools, lakes, big ponds and the sea)

More fashion content on the blog ~ I miss it

Excel in my career (FYI, besides blogging, I'm a adult nurse)

See more gigs

Get more tattoos

Have orange hair

Have pink hair ~ again

Become fitter

Visit Iceland

Excel in cooking and baking

Attend the Christmas Fair every year at Edinburgh

Meet up with old friends for a catch up

Own a vintage VW Beetle

Own several dogs

Try Snowboarding 

Drink wine in Italy

Attempt a great north run

Spend NYE in Edinburgh


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