Self Care

Hello hinnies. 

Sorry for the lack of posting on both here, instagram and Twitter. I've been taking a bit of 'me' time the past few weeks. Although I've been posting photo's on Instagram, my heads been all over the place this past month or so and I feel like I needed to explain myself on my blog just so you guys don't think I am neglecting 'That Geordie Girls Blog' as normally this is my get away from 'reality' as it allows me to concentrate on other things other than work etc. However, I found every time I sat in front of the laptop screen, I had zero motivation to write and when I did write anything, it either made no sense or wasn't enjoyable to write so I would imagine it wouldn't be enjoyable to read. I'll not bore you with the details of why or how I've been feeling but thank you for being patient and I hope that the next few posts are slightly more upbeat and more me :)


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