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Hiya hinnies, welcome back to that geordie girls blog. 

Today I wanna talk about my experience visiting sunderland recently. No, I'm not slagging sunderland off because I am from Newcastle, I want to talk about my experience visiting a restaurant and a show at Sunderland Empire. Normally, I don't like to be negative, however after having a discussion over on my Twitter with some fellow bloggers, I thought it was just as important to blog about the bad experiences as well as the good. 

I chose Tosca to dine at before we attended Sunderland empire as I read so many good reviews prior to looking for somewhere to dine and this seemed to be one that repeatedly kept shining through. I asked both locals who I knew through social media plus doing my own research via trip advisor. We arrived a little before 5pm when our reservation was and the whole restaurant was shut, shutters and all. Not a soul to be seen. When I say we arrived before 5pm, we arrived at 4:48pm exactly. I knew the place wasn't officially open until 5pm but, I would assume the would have a place for anyone who booked that early of a booking to sit and have a drink until it was officially opening time. From experience in working at a restaurant, this is pretty poor customer service both allowing people to book for exactly opening time and for the restaurant to be shut 10 minutes before a booking. 

When we were seated, the booking was made for 4, at 5pm whereas the restaurant table was set up for 5 people. Not an issue at all but the lady serving us stated that I said 5, and when I corrected her she just ignored me. Not the greatest customer service to say the least. Mistakes happen however it was a very cold reception. We then ordered a bottle of wine for the table and on arrival, the waitress asked if we wanted the wine poured for us or could we manage it ourselves. Now, I am no snob at all, if she just plonked the bottle on the table I would have been more than happy, it just sounded like a off handed comment as if we wouldn't manage to pour it ourselves....

Next we looked to order our food. We opted for 2 'boards' a mini hummus board and a mini sea food board. Although it states 'mini' we asked the waitress if it was suitable for sharing and once ordered, we were quite looking forward to getting our sharing boards. On arrival, we were a little disappointed that there was just one of each item on the board, not enough to share between four people. It was quite awkward splitting one piece of bread between four adults and a lot of 'no you just have that' occurred. 

Then, came our mains. Now, my mother in law and sister in law wanted a pasta dish that was on offer on the specials board. Normally, you would warn people if a particular dish isn't available prior to them ordering. However, when they went to order this pasta dish the waitress had to check as the ran out a few days prior and had to check they had a delivery. These things happen. However, everything seemed rush as though they needed our table sooner rather than later if you catch my drift.

On arrival of our mains, everyone else's looked and apparently tasted splendid however mine was a little, slap dash. I ordered seafood risotto and I honestly think my risotto was made with regular rice and not risotto rice. It was a little on the harder side, not very soft and fluffy like risotto rice should be. I was also under the impression that my dish was a cream based dish being a risotto and it being a seafood however it come in a tomato sauce. It was quite unpleasant to say the least. I left hungry. I never ordered a dessert as I was rather disappointed. 

We moved onto the theatre show, Grease. Now, I heard rave reviews of how amazing it was and the 'amazing' Peter Andre was guesting in the production. We sat down with our drinks and as the show begun we listened to the music, the new songs in addition to the original music and the production was just 'okay'. I was again under whelmed with the atmosphere and the actual show itself as it seemed pretty poor and not engaging enough. Half way through one of the actor had to step off as they became unwell which is awful for them and so unfortunate however it was a little bit of a running joke with a group of ladies in the toilets I got speaking to after the show that she stepped off because of how poor the performance was. I also have to note that the lady beside me at the very end asked when Peter Andre was coming on as she thought she missed him because his part was so poor!

Overall, not my favourite experience to date.


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