Hello lovelies, welcome back. Yet another food review coming to your screens (shock). Recently I tried Ora in Tynemouth with some friends and absolutely loved it so I had to shout about it. Tynemouth is a lovely seaside town known for its picturesque views and its alluring beach walks. Not only is it a family friendly place, offering adventures for both adults but children too but there is an awesome food and drink scene. We visited Ora off the back of a work friends recommendation as I had never really experienced Tynemouth's restaurant scene much and I was pleasantly pleased with our visit.

We were seated upstairs in a charming, yet sophisticated seating area near a bar right next to a lovely window showing the blissful busyness of a bank holiday weekend. We did ask to move at first as it was around 6/7pm and the weather was a little chilly sitting next to open window near the seaside air however there was no problem and our attentive waiter changed our table for us immediately. We couldn't close the window as it was keeping the upstairs a little cooler as it was a very warm day and obviously the staff would be feeling the heat!

We started with cocktails, myself an espresso martin made to perfection, Robert and Sarah, a aperol spritz, orangey goodness at its finest and Michael....water. Hardcore! We pondered the menu as the waiter made our cocktails and we opted for their tapas dishes as we couldn't decide what we fancied and didn't want to commit to one dish!

With a fabulous 'Eat together' deal we opted for some tapas dishes and my goodness were they good. Especially the Mac n Cheese dish! Now that I could have ate a full portion of. All dishes offered an exception of flavour, packed with punch and provided a kick of uniqueness. From english dishes, to spanish to italian there was a tour of the world on their menu and it meant that as a party of four, we had different tastes to encounter which meant tapas was an amazing option for us. Perfect for anyone looking for somewhere to dine out in Tynemouth. 


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