It's autumn! October is here and all things pumpkin spice and errrrything nice is about to happen. We are finely settling in to the colder weather and knitted jumpers are being peeled out of people's wardrobes as we speak. I simply love autumn it is my favourite season. It's the countdown to christmas and everyone seem's to enjoy the colourful change outside of natural orange and yellows dusting the ground. Perfect. A downside to the colder days is not knowing what to do! I sometime become a little bit of a hermit in autumn and winter as I love cosy days watching TV, pottering around the house and baking, but I also enjoy an adventure day out. I love nothing more than an autumnal walk with the sun beaming and the cold air cutting my face. 


One thing I have always enjoyed to do is watch the sky at night. I don't know if its the stars that draw me in or the fact I love pointing out bats flying past as they fascinate me, however I love a dusty coloured sky, dotted with little gem like stars. Here in the North East England we have amazing clear sky areas for people to sit and gaze and the beautiful night sky. It is something to do as a couple, as a group of friends and with the family. Here is a list of the places rated best for stargazing in the North East...

+ Allen Banks and Steward Gorge
+ Allendale golf club
+ Alnmouth beach
+ Alwinton car park
+ Balderhead reservoir
+ Battlesteads observatory 
+ Blackhall rocks local nature reserve
+ Burnhope reservoir
+ Cawfield quarry
+ Clesketts
+ Cow green reservior
+ Cresswell beach car park
+ Cygnus observatory at washington wetland centre
+ Dunsten steads car park
+ Elf kirk viewpoint
+ Elsdon village park
+ Hamsterley forest visitor centre
+ Hauxely nature reserve and observatory
+ Hawkhope car park
+ Ingram village hall
+ Kielder campsite
+ Kielder observatory
+ Kirknewton village hall
+ Knarsdale with kirkhaugh cairns community hall
+ North pennines observatory
+ Pow hill
+ Redesdale arms
+ Rochester roundhouse
+ Selset resevoir
+ St Mary's Island car park
+ Stonehaugh stargazing pavilion
+ The sill national landscape discovery centre
+ The still at Falstone
+ Tower Knows visitor centre
+ Walltown country park
+ Waskerley reservoir
+ Wynard planetarium and observatory 


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