2019 achievements

Hiya lovelies, welcome back.

2019 has been a bloody whirlwind of a year to say the least. Despite the bad, this year has been full of positives to say the least and I wanted to sit and lay it all down on virtual paper and share it with you guys in the hope you can find some happiness in your year too. 

New job
I never set out this year to look for a new job, but when I was searching NHS jobs one night shift, my ideal job came up. I currently work on a very VERY busy coronary care unit and although I love my job and my work colleagues and friends, I seen the perfect job which I couldn't not apply for in the hope I would be considered and despite thinking I had completely messed my interview up, I was offered my dream job. A public health nurse. Sounds super boring to most, but I have always wanted to work with school children and teenagers so this was an amazing opportunity to say the least and I am super excited and nervous for 2020. 

I got engaged b*tches! About time (haha) as well! I've always wanted to marry Rob and when he finally asked after 5 years together, I was over the moon. Here's to all the planning and stress that comes with weddings, but I am super excited to plan the most amazing day with my fiancΓ©. It was the most amazing proposal, not too cheesy and super personal to us that I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Dog mom
We welcomed Rodney our little chocolate lab into our lives when he was just 8 weeks old in January and he has been the biggest pain and love of our lives. He has settled into our lives so well and with my new job coming up, we get to spend almost every single our together whether that's Rob and Rodney together, me and Rodney together or all three of us together. Exciting times. The toughest yet best job in the world. 

Blogging events
This year was the year of being invited to plenty blogging events and actually going to them as previously I had been super, super nervous and would turn dow events with other bloggers in the fear of being on my own. Little to my knowledge, most are in the same boat. You make friends, some amazing friendships have been made this year through blogging. 


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