10 things to consider doing when in isolation

Well isn't this strange?!

Never would I have imagined something like this to happen in our life time. I remember at school reading about the plague and such like and thinking, bah! That'll never happening. Bloody nora!

I am trying to not let the current situation get me down to much as I have had some lovely days with my boys and I shouldn't complain when my colleagues in the NHS have been braving seeing the public and dealing with the virus itself.

Alas, here is my list of things you could consider doing during being in isolation.

1. BAKE!

Baking is a past time of mine I have loved and now, I have an excuse to do it more often! Any fruit that has been a shade of light brown has been tossed into a cake, and any eggs have been beaten to create some wacky creations. I am in love and now, we have an excuse to get creative in the kitchen!


Cooking is another hobby of mine but I rarely get a chance to cook from scratch every day due to working 13 hour shifts, BUT, I have mastered sorting my kitchen out the day prior to prepare for a luscious home cooked meal from scratch (sauces and all) and I have enjoyed spending more time with my head in a cook book and my mind in the kitchen


Sounds silly, but what a great chance to start a workout routine at home which fingers crossed will allow you to get into the routine to start an exercise ritual at home and keep fit. I have just ordered a ab roller and some bands to help keep me motivated.


There are plenty online decorating merchants delivering decorative goods to most locations and we have managed to paint our study in less than 24 hours whereas a normal day it would take us a lot longer. We have also managed to start the garden fence and have considered starting on our bedroom!


Spring cleaning is a ball ache BUT once done, it feels sooo good having a nice clean home that is spic and span. 

6. ART!

Start a new hobby, learn to sew, needle punch, paint! The world is your oyster at the moment for time constraints. Try something a little therapeutic. Or, try create some new make up looks! I have never felt better sitting in my lounge with fully glam orange eyeshadow.


Pop open a bottle, cook a meal and play a board game with your other half. Youtube also have plenty pub quiz style games that could be played with your other half. Or even with the whole family.


Think of the future and plan something exciting. A summer BBQ, a birthday party or just a simply sunday roast for the family when this has all blown over. We are lucky because we have a wedding to plan however I have thought ahead to summer and BBQ's!


If you have receipts/documents to shred, shred them! Do you have banking to catch up on, do it! Now is the time to get things done and out the way before we all have to go back to work and stress without having home stresses too. 


The weather recently hasn't been too bad, so get your dirty jeans out and get gardening. There is nothing better than transforming your garden from a jungle to a place you want to enjoy your nice weather days. 

Stay Home & Keep Safe x 


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