5 ways to self care

One way I like to spend my spare time is self care. A time to be totally selfish. Pamper nights are my favourite. A face mask, nails painted, a bath, fake tan, the works. It makes me feel super relaxed and makes me feel 100% better. 

A good book can do your mind wonders, especially in the bath. I love finishing a book that has totally blown my mind. A recent favourite is silent patient which I binged in 24 hours in 3 separate sittings. It also gives your mind a rest from worry and overthinking. 

Fresh air does the body and soul some soothing. Going for a walk with someone or even on your own can do you the world of good. Sometimes, I love taking our dog out for a walk with my music on through my headphones and it really relaxes me. Alternatively, walking with no music and listening to my surrounding can be also just as soothing. A chance to free you thoughts and if you need to overthink, you may as well have a nice surrounding to do it in. 

Practice your skills in the kitchen. Whether it is baking, or rustling up something from scratch. Get yourself onto pinterest and find something you've always wanted to learn to make and indulge yourself. Learning a new skill I believe can improve your mood and how you feel about yourself. Plus, you get something yummy at the end to eat whilst you read or have a pamper!

Whether your a gym bunny or a jogger, exercise is so good for helping looking after yourself and self care. I love the gym, I love lighting heavy weights and I also love cycling. I always feel 100% post gym session and I always push myself to go at least 3 times a week since January. If you don't or can't have a gym membership, using objects in the house as weights is such a good way if you can get yourself motivation at home. I struggle to exercise at home however I have just ordered a ab roller and a bunch of resistance bands! Hopefully this helps me at home. Im also debating starting yoga at home too.

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