wedding diaries No.1

wasn't sure whether to start a series about our wedding however I simply love weddings and can't help myself, so, here we are. We got engaged in November 2019 and since then we have picked a date (2021) and found a venue we loved within the space of 3 weeks. I always had my heart set on a big barn venue with a massive land space to have this super extravagant massive party, however when it came to looking and booking, we picked a small, aquanaut, personal venue. Simple, yet so romantic and the venue owner is letting us run the show, no limitations or barriers to picking exactly what we want.

As for wedding planners, I am a BIG control freak, I hate letting people plan things for me. So nether the less, Rob and I have opted for no wedding planner and letting me be super creative and organised. 

The next big venture is the engagement party which we had booked and have partied the night away on 8th February 2020. We opted for a bar in Newcastle, central for my friends and family and Robert's so it is a win win situation, additionally, we love their atmosphere and decor. I have a 'thing' about venue interior and this is perfect for the 'theme' I wished for and we had opted for a pizza buffet with some homemade extras. Very us. Also not forgetting out vegan friends. 

Our engagement party was just amazing, despite having one Prosecco too many I can't even remember saying hello to everyone but I was overwhelmed by how many people came to wish us well. The gifts!!! Insane, I can't believe how generous some people are and how much people want to get involved with helping out for the wedding. I was and still am so touched. 

To find out how we picked our venue, please stay tuned for diary entry No.2 

All the best

Samantha Jade 


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