Hello lovely people, welcome back.

I hope your all staying safe and haven't been affected too badly due to the dreaded COVID 19. One thing I have found comfort in is indulging in books, a past time of mine that I forgotten my love for and one of my 2020 goals was to read more. So far this year I have managed at least 2 books a month and I have been thoroughly enjoying a bit more 'me' time. My typical favourite genre is thriller, horror and mystery. Give me a book on a murder or a serial killer any day and I'll be happy. Although not to everyones taste, I do enjoy a good thriller, but I do enjoy other genres as well. Although I am not a massive fantasy fan, Stephen King is slowly turning into one of my favourite authors. I loved reading IT after seeing the new movie and thoroughly enjoying it. Let's cut the rambling, here are my top 5 reads of 2020 so far...

'THE INSTITUTE' by Stephen King 
A book filled with suspense and wonder, I really, really enjoyed this book as it was not too my normal taste as it was very 'sci-fi' and not my normal go to. Honestly, I wanted it for the simple reason it was written by Stephen King and my god was I hooked! We visited Manchester earlier this year and I literally was engrossed the whole journey there and back in his story. A great story for teens as well as adults. New to 2019/20 I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't one of the best sellers of the year. A busy read packed with different character storylines but super engrossing and enjoyful from the beginning till the end. 
Rating 7/10

'THE NANNY' by Gilly Macmillan
One of my favourite things to do when walking past the book section of Asda is to look at all their 'cheap and cheerful' selection of books that sometimes can be expensive at your normal book stores and they sell them for a smaller price, we're talking nearly half priced. I have noticed though if you see a book you like there, you need to get it before its gone as their selection changes almost weekly. Certainly at my Asda store! The Nanny was a bargain find and such a good thriller to sink my teeth into and was a great read. Super easy to read yet hooking with it's disturbing storyline. A tale of a Nanny who returns from the dead to visit the family she once worked for and throughout the whole book there is an unsettling sense of suspense which makes it a fantastic read. Great if your just getting into thriller books and novels as it is not too hardcore but still has a great storyline to keep you engrossed and makes you want more.
Rating 8/10

One of the best selling books of 2019, this has to be one of the most heart wrenching yet gripping reads I have ever read. Anything related to Auschwitz fascinates me as I can't even imagine what people went through and the history of what happened simply astounds me. If you need a good tear jerker with a moving and uplifting tale this is definitely one to pop in your Waterstones basket. The extremes that the people in the books were confronted with is traumatising and brutal, yet the book is entertaining in the sense that you want to know more of their lives and what happened. Entwined with a story of true love, this book is a must read. Especially since it is based on a story from a man who actually was the tattooist for the Auschwitz camp, throughout the whole book I had to remind myself that this was actually a true story as it is jaw dropping the trauma these people had to face. A book that I think everyone should read. A terrible part of history written in such a fantastic manner that keeps the reader informed yet engaged.
Rating 9/10

'THE SILENT PATIENT' by Alex Michaelides
This was a book suggested by a few of my followers on Instagram as I did a story on needing some book inspo for the summer and this was one of the most suggested. Obviously we haven't quite hit summer yet but I needed to read this one as soon as I bought it due to the great reviews I had heard or read. I was glued to this book. Literally, I did not put this down for a day, and is definitely one that is unforgettable. I have a knack of guessing the story ending with thrillers as I feel I have watched and read that many that I can guess the tell tale signs of what is coming next. However, this book got me. Did I hell expect that ending. So compelling and brilliant I couldn't rave about this book enough. I've told so many people about it and feel that any book lover would be thrilled to read it and experience the authors amazing story.
Rating 10/10

Now, I know this a little bit of a weird one and some people are not a fan of a true story style book, especially when it comes to serial killers as these things actually happened and are still happening. However I can't help but be engrossed with the minds of these criminals as I can't comprehend why someone would take someones life into their own hands and feel that they have a valid reason behind murdering someone or several people. But, I am engrossed with their mind and reasons behind their actions as are many people. Weird I know, but if your like me and totally obsessed, Christopher Berry-Dee is a fabulous author and this books is gripping. With actual conversations with serial killers, this books is an absolute page turner and makes me want to read more. 
Rating 10/10

I hope you're all staying safe during this surreal time we're all experiencing. If you have any book suggestions please leave a comment below or catch me over on Instagram @thatgeordiegirlsblog and leave me a DM with your suggestions. All genres welcome!


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