things people don't tell you about planning a wedding

Wedding planning has well and truly over taken my life right now and I'm not mad about it because I love weddings and wedding planning would be my dream job but there is so much involved that I didn't anticipate being so important. 

Never would I have anticipated insurance being a thing for weddings, however it is super important to have cover in case something drastic happens such as a venue falling through and having to cancel your big day or one of your suppliers cancelling last minute. So many people I have spoken to haven't took wedding insurance and I've heard so many say they wish they did. Even little things like a MUA pulling out last minute can be covered in wedding insurance in order to get your money back as these are the things that are possibly minor to your big day BUT most wedding suppliers cost a hell of a price. As soon as the word 'wedding' is added into the equation, prices are often almost doubled than what they would be is it was a different event. For a couple of quid a month, it could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands if something terrible happened. 

Obviously you need at least a witness to a wedding so guest(s) are inevitable, however you do have to take in account that your guests who currently don't have a plus one may have a partner closer to the date because normally when you book a venue, your numbers are often worked out then for how many guests your anticipating. However, there is always some people who don't have a significant other at the time of wedding planning as often people leave a year or two between booking the venue and the big day. A lot can happen in a year. That also goes for people having babies as if you'r having children at your wedding you need to take in account if there may be any additional children coming in the future. On the topic of children, you need to make it clear if you'r having children at the wedding or not. There is nothing worse than taking children to someones wedding and it being so inappropriate to have children there as some wedding venues definitely are not wedding friendly at all. All together, it could upset the bride and groom and it could also upset yourselves as your children will be super bored all day. 

let downs.
In your head, everyone by the time they've done some googling and investigating at wedding fairs for your perfect suppliers and sometimes, who you want to work with may not be available for your special day and as hard as it is, you may need to look else where. As well, sometimes budgets can get you down as someone you dreamed of booking for your wedding may be WAY out your price range. As lovely as it would be to spend endless money on a wedding as trust me it is super easy to let it run away with you, it is one day. Ensure you consider the honeymoon in your budget and additionally, any other expenses that may be in your future such as travelling, new home or starting a family. Another let down to consider is if someone doesn't want to accept a certain wedding role or if someone you really wanted to come can't come due to the location or timing of your special day. As heart wrenching as is it, these are things that can't be anticipated but could potentially happen.

Traditionally, the woman plans the wedding. Naturally, as times have changed this tradition is a thing of the past and both the bride and groom, or groom and groom or bride and bride get involved in all aspects of the planning. I was shocked when we began planning, how involved Rob wanted to be, he was excited to look at venues, he was interested in the photographers and most other areas of wedding planning. Obviously, as I had it all planned in my head, some of his ideas were different to mine. As much as I would have loved if he just agreed and I could have gotten my own way (very princess like, I know) but I had to learn to compromise with his wants and wishes as well as my own. After all, it is OUR wedding!

No doubt I will be making part 2 of this post as there is so much more I am learning about wedding planning (mostly good, some bad). I hope you enjoyed following me on my journey and see you next time! x


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