2020 in a nutshell

 Hello lovely people. Welcome back, I've lost my way again on the blogging front but I'm back for now...

   I hope despite the horrendous year we have all faced, that everyone is slightly more hopeful for a better 2021. I know everyone is expecting it to go midnight on 31st Dec and suddenly covid will have fucked off - however that isn't how the virus works. Although, with the new vaccine, we can hope for a more enjoyable 2021. 2020 has been a weird one for me, I've kinda enjoyed the time at home, but I have hated not having a social life and seeing my nearest and dearest whenever and wherever I wanted to. Not being able to see my bridesmaids trying on their dresses and literally dropping them off at the door has been heartbreaking and not being able to have everyone I would have liked to at all my wedding dress try on's hadn't been what I imagined for my year of wedding planning. However I can not stress how lucky I feel that I am healthy, that our wedding was always planned for 2021 and that I haven't lost any loved one's to Covid. 

At the beginning of 2020, we started the year planning our engagement party which went ahead in Feb and then we spent the first few months of the year enjoying ourselves by travelling to Manchester, exploring our home town by trying new restaurants and having a few nights out which isn't normally like us home birds! By us, I mean Rob and I. I remember sitting in a bar in Manchester with Rob and his brother and our sister in law saying 'bah! they'll never lock the country down it's just the flu but a bit worse!' How flippin' wrong was I?! 

I was due to start my new job in March, right as lockdown began and was asked to stay on, on the ward I was presently working on. I didn't mind in the slightest as I loved my old job and wasn't leaving on bad terms. However, I didn't anticipate what it would be like working in an emergency hospital as a staff nurse on a ward who will be taking not only cardiac patients BUT covid patients and ITU step downs. Until you've done CPR in a COVID suit for 1 hour + you'll really understand why we really hate people mocking face coverings in public. Never in my life would I wish covid on people when I have seen patients and staff member's becoming incredibly sick within literal hours of coming into contact with the virus. After living on nightshift for the next few months, in August myself and Rob visited the Lake District and never have I loved being 'away' so much. Just being in a different part of the UK was heavenly and despite needing to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces and needing to keep our distance, it was a pinch of 'normality' for us both. 

Along came September and my new job was able to allow me to start which is still a nursing role, but in the 0-19 public health sector for a local authority. With the expectation of only working from home for the first few weeks, 3 months later and it looks as though this may be the norm for our job role. I cried the first week of starting my new role, not because of the job itself, but I felt lonely! Working from home is totally different to being on a ward with a team, although we use Microsoft teams to communicate on a daily basis and I do visit families at their own homes, there is nothing more comforting then stepping into a office to chat about your day with fellow colleagues. I've finally gotten used to working from home and I am starting to enjoy my own company and our pooch, Rodney loves the fact I am just a room away from him. He loves a cuddle during my lunch break!

Early September  I was offered a post in my new job to train to become a health visitor, a job role I have always wanted to do and always thought I wouldn't get there until I has been qualified for a while longer than I have been. Alas, I'm going to be beginning one of my dream job's in Jan 2021 as well as sending out our wedding invites! Madness to think that 2021 will be the year I become a Mrs! The last few months of this year have been a bit of a write off as we haven't been able to do all that much! Rob and I visited the Lake District in October for our 6 year anniversary and our 1 year countdown to our big day. The weather was naff, but we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sadly, when we came home we were back in lock down and since then, nothing much has happened. 

This year will be the first year I have Christmas eve, day and boxing day off together since I was 16 years old and needless to say, I can't bloody wait. I feel awful as most people are not looking forward to Christmas but you know what, I just think I am lucky that I have my health and my loved one's around me I truly have nothing to complain about and yes, Christmas may not be how we all anticipated it, but next year will hopefully be bigger and better. 


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